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9 Customer Service Blogs Your Team Should Be Following

Good customer service rocks, right?

And you want your brand to be known for good customer service, don’t you?

Every time a customer service representative interacts with the public, a teachable moment is created. If you don’t take a step back and look at the big picture, though, it’ll take much longer to develop your skills. To update your mental toolkit, you need theory as well as practice.

Customer service blogs give it to you.

Customer service blogs are an incredibly convenient way to sharpen your mind. You’ll learn about those “could happen” situations you’ve only heard about in the break room ... and discover new ways to handle problems you run into daily.

Good customer service blogs foster speed, flexibility, and clarity of mind.

And it could even entertain you along the way.

Let’s give a quick nod to our nine favorite customer service blogs of all.

9 Indispensable Customer Service Blogs for You and Your Team

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1. The HubSpot Service Blog

HubSpot is the leading name in inbound, and its customer service blog is no exception.

The HubSpot Service Blog grants huge insights in customer service, support, and success – so you’ll not only resolve issues customers bring to you, but help them achieve their goals. From reps to managers to VPs in the support space, everyone will find something to cheer about.

2. Michael Redbord on SaaS Customer Success

HubSpot’s VP of Services and Support has his own blog you won’t want to miss. He distills his wisdom as one of HubSpot’s first employees, cultivating it to world class customer experience.

This is an especially good read for customer service pros in the SaaS space: Michael’s views take into account what makes the industry special and the many opportunities it offers.

3. HelpScout

If you’re looking for tidbits you can put into action fast, HelpScout is the place to go. It regularly releases detailed guides and case studies, explaining not only how something works, but why.

The stylish illustrations and sleek formatting definitely help get the point across – it all looks awesome on mobile. You’ll also find blogs dedicated to growth, culture, and product.

4. WinTheCustomer

WinTheCustomer is headed by Flavio Martins, VP of Operations and Customer Support over at DigiCert. As a top level customer support exec, Flavio makes thought leadership in his field snappy and accessible.

Reps who are looking for the big picture will find it a treat. Flavio has also developed guides targeting rising industry professionals, too.

5. Fonolo

Fonolo is one of those customer service blogs that hones in like a laser on day to day challenges faced by customer service reps.

Readers can thrill to the true life stories of reps in a variety of industries who did the impossible and went the extra mile. Having recently celebrated its 1,000th post, Fonolo’s greatest hits retrospective is a handy place to get oriented.

6. ChurnZero

ChurnZero is your toolbox for fighting churn, including all you need to know on customer engagement and retention.

Posts emphasize knowing your customers well and crafting bridges of collaboration across functions to deliver customer delight. Case studies and “what would you do?” scenarios walk you through real customer service situations from out in the wild. Cool read!

7. Planhat

Planhat’s articles cover a wide range of topics, from support documentation to automation to metrics. You can get a broad perspective in customer service or go deep into advanced topics like customer maturity scales.

Incisive interviews like this one with Michael Redbord make you feel like you’re having a meeting of the minds with top thought leaders.

8. Support Driven

Support Driven takes the customer service blog concept a step further. In addition to detailed and actionable articles with crisp writing, it offers events online and in person.

Readers can connect via Slack, visiting a channel that’s always hopping with advice or witty observations. There’s also a podcast and a slew of resources for planning your talent development in customer service.

9. CustomerThink

Got something to say about customer service? CustomerThink could be the place for you.

It’s known for community sourcing of blog posts on customer experience, customer engagement, customer service leadership, and customer support technology. The best of the best are chosen as Editor’s Picks. A sizzling comment section accompanies many articles.

Blogs Are a Savvy Way to Strengthen Your Customer Service Muscles

When you’re at the gym looking to build muscle, you need reps ... repetitions, that is.

If you want to bulk up, pumping iron is the only option. But in customer service, practicing mentally can be almost as valuable as the physical act of talking to customers. It puts customer interactions into context and gives you more creative solutions exactly when you need them.

Read up, and here’s to better customer service in 2019!

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