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How To Create Buyer Personas [Vlog]

Buyer personas are part of the foundation for any effective inbound marketing campaign. Personas help you establish not only who and where your most valuable followers are, but also why they eventually decide to purchase from your company or not.

The best personas are those that help you understand the basic motivators of a high quality target audience. In this quick video, I provide a simple walkthrough on the most important questions to ask yourself when creating buyer persona profiles, as well as how to create those personas in the HubSpot CRM.


Whether you're starting a new quarterly marketing strategy or reworking assets from an old one, you'll have a very difficult time achieving your goals if you jump in head-first without identifying who you're marketing to in the first place.

This is the entire concept of buyer personas. Consider all of the following—and more—when identifying your ideal customer:

  • Pain points and challenges
  • Job title
  • Communication sources
  • Possible objections to your product or service
  • Location
  • Motivating factors

The great thing about buyer personas is they can be applied to every part of your marketing efforts – from email marketing to your Facebook marketing and other social media marketing.

With carefully thought out buyer persona profiles, you'll be well on your way to creating content and campaigns that truly resonate with potential buyers.

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Jackie Wiley

Jackie Wiley

I joined Bluleadz in 2014 after graduating from the University of Tampa. I love helping my clients grow their business by working with them to create unique content. Born in Naples, FL, I enjoy watching Friends re-runs, relaxing at the beach/pool, and spending time with friends and family.