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How To Use the Inspect Element Tool and CSS Peeper [Vlog]

If you're an aspiring website developer or marketer in a pinch, there are more than a few incredibly valuable tools you may have overlooked that make extracting website information, styles and CSS seamless.

Two of these—tools that I use every day—are the Inspector tool in Chrome and, CSS Peeper plugin for Chrome.

Check out my video blog below to learn how you can use the Inspect Element tool and CSS Peeper to pull valuable information, styling details, font families and individual website elements from a website.



Inspect and CSS Peeper

The Inspect tool makes it really easy for developers—and even everyday marketers, advertisers and website users—to draw design information from websites and live-edit CSS and HTML within their browser. With this tool, users can:

  • Locally live-edit the CSS of many on-screen elements
  • Pull information from both visible elements on a website and hidden files
  • Gather useful information on page performance and more

In addition to the inspector, one of my favorite tools to use when creating new websites is the CSS Peeper plugin for Chrome. With this tool, users can easily extract CSS and grab typeface information and object properties from any website.

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Karey Mitchell

Karey Mitchell

I've been with Bluleadz since 2016. I work closely with our marketing/sales team to brainstorm marketing strategies to make everything look pixel-perfect. I’m a curious person at heart and jump to every opportunity to learn something new or take on a challenge.