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What is HubSpot World Certification Week and Why You Should Care

May 9 through May 13, 2022


Anyone who works in marketing is aware of HubSpot. Some are fully acquainted with its many wonders, while others are simply cognizant of its existence. But its World Certification Week benefits a lot more than marketing, sales, and customer service. 

Every year, the SaaS platform looks for a way to have a wider impact on a global level. And the best part is that you can participate, without incurring any costs. 

What Is HubSpot’s World Certification Week? 

HubSpot’s World Certification Week is a virtual event dedicated to professional development through HubSpot Academy — HubSpot’s extensive array of online courses designed to ensure that its users know how to utilize all of its features. At the end of each course, the user has to take a usually hour-long quiz. If you pass it, you receive a HubSpot certification, which you can include in your LinkedIn account and résumé to attest that you learned how to do XYZ (e.g. inbound marketing, lead nurturing, customer experience, etc…)

However, even if you’re currently using a different CRM, CMS, email marketing software, or any other application to run your business, you can still learn a myriad of skills and industry trends from getting these certifications. 

While you can take these courses at any time throughout the year, what makes World Certification Week special is that for every single certification that’s completed — anywhere in the world — HubSpot will donate $5 to Teach for All

Teach for All is a network of organizations around the world that coordinate and provide education to children in under-resourced communities. This can take place in schools or community events, and comes at no cost to the kids’ families. 

In 2022, HubSpot’s World Certification Week is May 9 through May 13, 2022. 

Why You Should Participate in HubSpot’s World Certification Week

We get it. Life gets busy and there’s plenty of client work to do. However, there are many reasons why you should consider setting aside time to participate in World Certification Week; even if it’s to take just a single course. 

Become Better at What You Do

No matter how many years of experience you have, marketing, sales, and customer service are industries that are always evolving. There are always new trends, new ways of interacting with prospects and customers, and new technologies to help you accomplice it all. And getting acquainted with them benefits you as a professional, your colleagues, your business, and your clients. 

Street Cred 

Alright. So this is just a slang term. But it’s still true. While you most definitely learn a lot while on the job, it’s also good to have a basic understanding of processes and technologies before playing around with them while you learn how to use them. And when you get a HubSpot certification and include it on your LinkedIn, you’re letting your network know that you’re taking the time to improve on your skills set. 

It’s For a Good Cause

We could sit here and make a long list of benefits that taking these certifications can bring to your business. But let’s also get real: Not everything has to be done for an ulterior motive. Decent human beings do what they can for less fortunate people. If you’re reading this blog, you were lucky enough to receive an education. Kids around the world deserve that chance too, regardless of their family’s financial status and the communities they were born into. 

Create Your Free HubSpot Account To Get Started

The courses are free, and creating a HubSpot account is free. And even if you have a full plate and are wondering how to get it all done, the good news is that you have a full week to make some time; and that some of the courses are as short as two hours. Three hours, tops, when you include the quiz. And if you do have extra time, you could take as many courses as you want, including the extra long ones. You learn something; the kids learn something. It’s a win-win scenario.


Alejandra Zilak

Alejandra Zilak

Alejandra Zilak is a content writer, ghostwriter, blogger, and editor. She has a bachelor's degree in journalism and a Juris Doctor. She's licensed to practice law in four jurisdictions and worked as an attorney for almost a decade before switching careers to write full time. She loves being part of the Bluleadz team and implementing SEO best practices with her content. When not working, she loves to read, write fiction, and long distance running.