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The Most Valued Trait When Working with an Agency

Working with an agency

4 min read

When looking for a marketing agency to partner with, you’ll likely have a hit list of what you are looking for. Some items on this list may include: location, price, experience, status, and (of course) success.

While all of these are completely valid points, there is something that a marketing agency can provide, that will take your relationship one step further.

We take this approach whole-heartedly, and truly believe it is for the best in the long run — for both us as an agency and you, the customer.


Since making the shift to an Agile Methodology and truly transforming the way we work with our clients, I believe transparency has been our biggest strength. In multiple prospect calls and new client meetings, I have heard time and time again “I love the transparency.”

With Bluleadz, you know exactly who you are working with, what you are paying for, and, most importantly, why.

Our pricing is customizable, but set. Using a value points-based system, we attribute points to the different strategic initiatives your specific company needs in order to achieve optimal success.

These points are directly correlated with the amount of work, the value of that work, and it’s long term effect on your ROI.

When creating strategic initiatives for your company and your budget, we are able to break down where your investment is going and again, why these initiatives are being put in place.

Transparency Outward

Prospect Phase

During the prospect phase, we lay it all out there. Right off the bat, in initial conversations and on the website, you are able to view pricing based on recurring retainers or one-off packages and discuss what would suit your company and your goals best.

Together, we will work to address your goals and pair them directly with one of our two teams - Unagi or Kobra Kai and in-house specialists (check em’ out).

Kickoff Meetings

You’re now a new client (Yay, we’re excited)!


As a new client, we’re confident with the fact that this is a beneficial partnership between your team and ours. Now we can get down to the nitty-gritty.

There are no surprises here — no additional fees or extra work on your end. What was initially discussed will hold true, so that you are on board with the right expectations.

By this point, we know a lot more about your company and goals, and our marketing strategy can be updated and prepared for implementation. The points can now be solidified.

Yes, we may push back on you when we have the research and/or experience to prove differently, but ultimately, we’re here to help your business grow and the points will be broken down accordingly.

From a bit of a higher level you’ll see the amount of resources being allocated to your main goals. For example, we’ve planned to use 40% of your monthly resources on increasing incoming traffic to your website and 60% of those resources on qualifying leads - checking and revising these initiatives on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.

Weekly and monthly meetings will ensure we are on track and following the timeline that was set in place. We will work together to deliver quality content and processes and complete campaigns on time.

Of course, things happen! Our system is extremely flexible for new hot items that come up. News event you want to capitalize on? We can accommodate based on priority. Is the new campaign working really well? Let’s double down on that method and reallocate resources from elsewhere.

At the end of the day, this is your investment paired with our expertise.

Transparency Inside

State of the Agency

The open-source transparency comes from within the agency itself. Eric Baum, CEO, sets the tone for all team members by hosting a State of the Agency Meeting every month.

During this meeting, the group is brought through financial, tactical, and even emotional shifts and updates in the company. We discuss where we are whether we are on or off track from company goals.


Leading up to the State of the Agency meeting, a survey is sent out to the team. This is everyone’s chance to give the most critical and honest feedback. The results of the survey are discussed during the meeting and all questions are answered as a group.

This way, the entire team is aware of both failures and successes — and how we are moving forward.

Having a transparent team on the inside, helps us translate this out to our clients. With a new brand and increasing growth year over year, we’re confident enough in our services to show you value on a continuous basis.

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Published on June 28, 2018


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