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Closing a Sales Deal Soon? How to Survive That Dreaded Waiting Period

So, a qualified lead trickled down the sales pipeline, you ran a successful discovery call, and developed and delivered a top-notch proposal. Now, you wait.

And wait.

And wait.

You might think you’re waiting forever, honestly. Every salesperson hates that dreaded waiting period when closing a sales deal… will they sign you? Will they pass?

It’s time to stop waiting on them. With a few tricks up your sleeve, you can successfully sell your business to your prospects and get them to sign on the dotted line. Here are five tips to closing a sales deal faster.

tips on closing a sales deal

1. Ensure You’ve Connected With All Decision Makers on LinkedIn

A study from the International Data Corporation reveals that 75 percent of B2B buyers and 84 percent of C-level or VP-level employees utilize social media during purchasing decisions.

Once you determine who the decision makers are on a deal, connect with them on LinkedIn. By doing this, you are spreading your name – and the brand’s name – deeper into the company.

Once you connect, be sure to share valuable resources on your page that will show up in their feed. This tactic can be a simple way to share information and tips with them without calling them out specifically or blowing up their emails.

More than 70% of salespeople who use social media networking during their sales process outperform those who don't. Over the years, social media has proven to be an integral part in both marketing and sales strategies, and it's something your sales team shouldn't slip on.

As these decision makers spend time considering their options, they won't be able to help but spot your name and company every time they scroll through LinkedIn looking for good content to read. This, in turn, can signal that your brand is the ultimate authority. When they see your brand, they'll remember all you have to offer. 

2. Create a “Meet the Team” Video

closing a sales deal tips

Everyone enjoys putting a face to a name. By “introducing” them to the employees they’d actively be working with, this is an invaluable opportunity to humanize your brand and have them warm up to the idea of signing on with your company.

According to a study by Chorus, top-performing salespeople are up to 10X likelier to use more collaborative words and phrases when talking to prospects. When filming these videos, using terms like "we," "us," and "together" can really make a huge impact.

Plus, seven in 10 B2B buyers will watch a video at some point during the buying process. Utilize this opportunity to send a personalized video highlighting your company culture and all you have to offer.

3. Send a Recap Video Explaining Your Proposal

Since a lot of proposals are typically sent digitally, it can be difficult to explain the document in a simple email. So, before you send the proposal over to your opportunities, film a quick video briefing them on what to expect in the proposal, and attach that video to your follow-up email.

No need to get a full production team to film this; a simple self-recording video shot on your computer can still make a huge impact.

Plus, with extensions like Soapbox, you can easily record yourself in a smaller window while actively scrolling through a document or webpage on your computer screen, allowing you to visually explain each section of a proposal without confusion.

There’s even Vidyard GoVideo, which is natively built into HubSpot, where you can get notified when someone watches the video with the exact percent they viewed.

4. Verify That You’ve Sent Over All Valuable Sales Collateral

Did you make sure to send any relevant case studies, testimonials, or service sheets to your opportunities?

Sales collateral is one of the best ways to sell your business to qualified prospects, giving them documented proof that your company is as good as you say it is.

If you haven’t already shared these valuables with them, be sure to include them in your follow-up email. 

5. Don’t Just Sit and Wait




The one thing that can best fill up your time as you’re waiting to close a sales deal is to keep cranking it out.

Don’t just stop and wait here: You never know how long it is going to take for the decision makers at the company to sit down, discuss the options they have, and make a decision.

As a sales rep, you’re constantly filtering leads through your system. And, if your marketing team is delivering top-notch blogs, offers, and other content, a good number of those leads should be fairly qualified.

So, don’t drag your feet in the mud and twiddle your thumbs when waiting to hear back from an opportunity. Keep making those discovery calls, finding those golden opportunities, and sending out new proposals with these same tips in mind.

Don't forget: Patience is a virtue. Rushing a close just to meet a monthly goal can hurt your chances. According to research from InsideSales.com, win rate decreases by 51 percent and deal size decreases by 35 percent at the end of the month.

Remember, your prospect is buying based on their timeline, not yours. So stay on course and continue delivering value while you wait instead of being overly pushy.

Not every deal will close, and that’s ok. But, with the right steps in place, you can develop a strategy to shorten that waiting period and, ultimately, convince your prospect that the best decision is you.

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Baylor Cherry

Baylor Cherry

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