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5 Landing Page Optimization Tips That Will Help You Convert

A high-converting landing page is one of the most powerful tools in your digital marketing arsenal. Landing pages are where the rubber meets the road – they turn visitors/prospects into leads/customers! Here’s the scary part: Prospects make the decision right then and there.

When you lose prospects at this stage, odds are you’ll never see them again.

While that’s worrying, there’s good reason to be excited. Landing pages are so vital, the time you spend optimizing them almost always pays off in the long run.

Let’s drill down to some potent landing page optimization tips you can use today:

1. Make Sure You’re Using Analytics Across All Your Landing Pages

First things first – if you don’t have analytics set up across your Web properties, everything you do will be a “best guess.” Analytics can tell you not only how people get to your page, but what they do there. Improving your conversion rate hinges on knowing what changes appeal to your audience – and raising conversions is more cost-effective than building traffic.

2. Split Test Your Landing Pages to Achieve Small Gains Quickly

In a traditional split test (also called an A/B test), about half your incoming traffic will be served the “control” version of a page while the other half sees a version with a small, but significant change. After you’ve gotten enough traffic to make a strong inference, the winner here becomes the new control and another test version is created with a different adjustment.

If you have the determination to run constant split tests, you can easily raise a page’s conversion rate by 10%, 20%, or even more every year. When you split test across all your landing pages, you could double conversions and explode your revenue even if traffic is flat.

What page elements should you focus on? These are the heavy hitters:

  • The top headline – this is the one thing each visitor is most likely to read.
  • The call-to-action text – another natural focus for your visitors’ attention.
  • The color of your CTA button – a traditional way to apply psychology.
  • The “P.S.” at the bottom – the last place users habitually scroll to.

3. Use Exit-Intent Pop-Ups the Smart Way

Ask someone on the street and most people will say they don’t like pop-up windows. They might even tell you they never click on these gizmos. Still, pop-ups have come this far for a reason: A statistically significant number of people will respond to them.

How can you design a winning pop-up? There are two schools of thought:

Restate the Offer of Your Landing Page

Sometimes, a little repetition is all you need. Your pop-up can simply reframe the offer with a different headline, CTA, and button – and it might just work. After all, this is an eye-catching way to give a prospect one last chance to reconsider before moving on.

Ease Off the Pressure

Everyone who reaches your landing page will be at a different stage in the buyers journey. Some will be ready for your offer then and there. Catch more conversions from the rest by using your pop-up to make an offer with lower stakes, such as a lower price or fewer required details.

4. Add a Responsive Video to Your Landing Page

The mobile Web is faster than ever, and data caps are getting more generous. Your prospects are finally free to check out videos at their leisure through their smartphones – and they love doing it. A responsive video at the top of your page often supercharges conversions.

When you add a video, you’re giving prospects a chance to access your content the way they want: Reading or watching. That’s just good user experience, but here’s the thing: Just having a video can influence more conversions even among users who never click on it.

Now, that’s exciting! (Check out one of our Video landing page examples.)

5. Incorporate Social Proof Into Your Landing Page

A landing page is no time to skimp on social proof ... that is, evidence that people “just like” your prospects succeed with your offerings. Testimonials are a potent, easily-recognized form of social proof, but you can also get creative.

For example, many widgets allow you to implement a tiny pop-up that alerts your landing page visitors whenever someone buys a product from your site. This leaves prospects feeling like it’s time to get in on a good thing – fast!

So there you have it – the top five landing page optimization tips straight from BluLeadz. Rolling out just one of these can make a difference in your landing page results. Commit to all five across your portfolio of landers and you can get more value than ever from your traffic.

What are your favorite landing page optimization tips? Let us know below!

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Rob Steffens

Rob Steffens

I am the Director of Sales & Marketing here at Bluleadz. I'm a recent newlywed who enjoys spending time with my wife vegging out and binging our favorite shows or getting some exercise on the Racquetball court.