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52 of the Best Blogs to Improve Your Life and Career

Spending time seeking out a well-written and creative blog can be more than just entertaining or educational; it can inspire you and reinvigorate those creative juices.

One of the amazing things about the internet is how you can find virtually anything your heart desires, anytime you want it, day or night. The challenge becomes finding the best blogs that can truly inspire you.

There are several reasons you should be reading from a wide variety of blogs and resources. Here are a few benefits:

  • It boosts creativity and inspires new perspectives.
  • It expands your vocabulary and communication skills.
  • It improves understanding of various topics to make you more knowledgeable.
  • It shows you different writing styles, voices, and other thought processes.

Types of Blogs

Where do you go to receive so much value, though? Where should you start?


The truth is, you should dive into whatever interests you the most. There's such a wide range of cool and interesting blog types—and many have their own niche sub-categories.

Business and Financial Blogs

Ok, so this category of blogs doesn't scream "fun" for most, but they can offer some great perspectives and educational tips for improving your career.

Some niche subjects include:

  • Small business
  • Budgeting
  • Get-rich-quick
  • Entrepreneurial

Food Blogs

These blogs can be fun and interesting if you're looking to freshen up your culinary skills. Whether you're a professional chef or trying to grow past boiling rice, you'll have content designed for your skill set.

You can find blogs dedicated to:

  • Recipes
  • Cooking methods/culinary skills
  • Equipment reviews
  • Experimental cooking
  • Culture-specific foods

Parenting Blogs

Parents are human, too. You don't become an expert overnight when a baby enters your life. That's why parenting blogs have become a beloved resource.

They cover topics on:

  • Pregnancy and motherhood
  • Pediatric health/care
  • Parenting tips
  • Kid activities
  • Anecdotal stories

Travel Blogs

Travel can be an excellent way to broaden your horizons and your perspective on the world, gain fresh new experiences, or reset yourself by taking a few days (or weeks) away from everything.

Whether your dream vacation consists of taking a wine tour through Tuscany, an eco-tour of the Central American rainforests, or a journey to ride the 10 best roller coasters in the United States, you'll find everything you need online!

You can find blogs focused on:

  • Sights to see
  • Travel guides (e.g., how to travel by train in Europe, key phrases to know in foreign languages, etc.)
  • Adventure blogs
  • Luggage reviews
  • Flight hacks

Entertainment Blogs

Want to know what your favorite celebrity is up to this week? How about the latest new music or box office numbers for your favorite movie? Man does not live by work alone!

These blogs can help you stay ahead of the cultural trends or just give you a laugh in the middle of the day!

Some popular blogs cover:

  • Celebrity news
  • Film news and reviews
  • Music news and reviews

Fashion Blogs

The fashion industry is enormous, especially today where the rules of fashion are being broken and reinterpreted at scale. Fashion bloggers generate cult followings with their expertise and curious takes.

No matter what your style is, there are plenty of sources of inspiration out there.

Popular blogs highlight:

  • Top brands
  • Product reviews
  • Industry trends
  • "Who Wore It Best"
  • Style inspirations

Hobby Blogs

Not every blog you read has to be directly related to business skills. Sometimes, you just want to kick back, relax, and enjoy your favorite hobby. Craft bloggers, collectors, fitness gurus, fishing masters, and others are often excited to share their knowledge and experiences online.

There are as many subcategories of hobby blogs as there are hobbies. Some popular hobby blog categories include:

  • DIY
  • Fitness and training
  • Video games
  • Arts & crafts
  • Gardening

Educational Blogs

In the information age, education should be a lifetime pursuit. At no other time in recorded history has so much information been available to everyone so easily. The internet makes it possible to increase your value as an employee, join and learn about social causes, and create change through education.

This is largely thanks to the introduction of massive open online course (MOOC) websites.

Honestly, you can pick any subject and probably find someone writing about it.


Common Characteristics of Blogs

Subjects may vary, but most blogs follow a similar structure and flow that defines it as a blog. These characteristics and commonalities act as a kind of template for bloggers across different blog types.

Even though they're incredibly customizable, you can pretty much identify the four key parts of a blog.

Header/Title Section

You'll usually find a title or banner of some kind here, along with a menu or navigation bar. Many header sections, like the one in this blog, also include an image that helps set the mood for the blog.

Body Copy

This is the meat of the blog post. For example, this very section is part of the body copy for this blog. Some blogs include a featured content section or table of contents to help let readers know what's in the blog. They may also feature supportive designs, CTAs, and a comments section in addition to the main content of the blog.


Typically, this is where the blogger's social media accounts are featured, along with more CTAs, an "About" blurb, and a list of favorite posts. Some blogs may leave this as "white space" space devoid of content to help keep the page from looking too cluttered.


The bottom of the page frequently hosts disclaimers, the privacy policy, and any other relevant links that would disrupt the user experience if put in the header.

What Do the Best Blogs Have in Common?


Every blog should have, at a minimum, a title section and body copy, but the best blogs understand that you need a lot more to stand out from the rest. The internet has countless blogs covering every potential topic, so competition is intense.

How exactly do the great blogs rise above the noise and create their own space? It's a combination of several things:

1. A Unique Voice

No matter what topic you write about in your blog, you don't want it to feel like every other blog on the web. One way to differentiate your content is to give it a unique voice. 

If you can put an interesting spin on a story, it'll feel new and exciting for readers. Half of building a following is letting readers get to know you through your voice and character.

2. Quality Content

The other half of it is by providing them with content that's actually valuable and pertinent to their interests.

You can't fake quality. Even if you can weave word magic and paint a pretty picture, you'll only capture a reader's interest for so long before they click away because they're not being fed anything meaningful. And readers who are knowledgeable about a topic can quickly identify if you're writing nonsense!

The greatest blogs focus on providing creative content that will better their readers' experience in some way. Whether it gives them a good laugh or provides actionable takeaways, readers finish the post feeling like they benefited somehow.

3. SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a key part of content creation for a website. While SEO should be secondary to writing with personality and creating quality content, it remains an important factor for ensuring that your content can be found in Google search engine results pages (SERPs). 

This can involve checking your use of keywords throughout the body content and headers of your blog, verifying that images are properly formatted, and more!

Personality, quality, and search engine optimization are the perfect combo to attract viewers and keep them coming back again and again.

52 of the Most Interesting Blogs Loved by Their Readers

Every blog you read, regardless of subject, can inform your professional endeavors. And we're always glad to help you on your quest for knowledge!

Here is our list of some of the most interesting blogs out there that you need to check out.

Interesting Business Blogs

From productivity-building tips to sales, design, and management information, these blogs can educate, entertain, and inspire you!

1. Evernote

Evernote Blog 2023

The days of pencils and notebooks are coming to an end. Or at least, they’re becoming less convenient and accessible when compared to the huge selection of notetaking apps, which are becoming the new preference for thousands of people.

Evernote is among the most popular choices and for good reason: It’s super easy to use and simplifies the entire process of capturing and organizing information.

Evernote's blog offers a wealth of productivity-boosting tips that can help you at home, in the office, and everything in between. For example, a July 2018 post showed how you can make your commute to work more productive.

The categories within their blog make it easy for visitors to find exactly what they need. These categories include:

  • Everything - get a glimpse at every post, including featured content and their latest publications.
  • Podcast - listen to advice for important topics, like boosting productivity, fueling creativity, and growing your business.
  • Customer Stories - these aren’t just boring testimonials; this category includes interesting stories of all kinds of people (musicians, marketers, etc.) and offers pro tips.
  • Productivity - gain insights on making the most out of your time, reducing double work, harnessing focus, and so much more.
  • Evernote News - stay informed on the company’s latest developments, including cool integrations and updates to their app.
  • Evernote Tech - get geeky by diving into the nitty gritty tech side of the app.
  • Using Evernote - this app is so powerful that they need an entire section to show you how much you can do with it, with tips on using tags, shortcuts, templates, etc.

2. First Round Review

First Round Review 2023-1

First Round Review offers information from some of the most creative entrepreneurs on Earth. Their content covers a wide range of interesting topics, including:

  • People and culture
  • Product
  • PR and marketing
  • Management
  • Engineering
  • Design
  • Sales
  • Fundraising

It's a diverse mix of information that keeps you coming back. The best part is that it features long-form content, so its writers can really dig into a subject. This is great because the writers are thought leaders from some of the top businesses out there!

3. Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur 2023-1

One of the best blogs that you can find on all things entrepreneurship and business, Entrepreneur offers high-quality content for every reader.

The topics they cover, while geared toward the entrepreneur, resonate with all kinds of professionals. These topics include:

  • Growth strategies
  • Franchising
  • Starting a business
  • Social media
  • Technology
  • Inspiration
  • Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Finance

Not to mention, they also provide editions for regions all over the world, feature podcasts, and create premium video content through the Entrepreneur Network.

4. Full Focus

Full Focus 2023-1

After building a successful career in publishing as a literary agent, chairman, and CEO, Michael Hyatt is now best known for his speaking engagements and best-selling books.

His excellent writing combined with decades of experience in leadership make the Full Focus blog a must-read. Full Focus offers a ton of awesome content from Hyatt, as well as several expert contributors, covering productivity, leadership, personal development, travel, decision-making, and much more.

5. Gary Vaynerchuk

Garyvee blog 2023

It’s hard to not like Gary Vee’s infectious personality. He’s passionate. He’s driven. He’s enthusiastic. And he’s a content machine.

Between his podcast, daily vlog series, and his super active social media presence, he somehow has time to manage his blog. He posts a few times a month, covering communication, content, social media, business, life lessons, personal growth, and more.

You can gain a ton of insights from Gary Vee's content. He’s always delivering actionable advice that is also inspirational.

Engaging Entertainment Blogs

The most interesting blogs in this category focus on it all: news, politics, entertainment, business, style, and more.

6. Huffington Post

HuffPost 2023

HuffPo” specializes in reporting news stories and events in almost every major category and subcategory you can think of, and some you probably would never think of!

Founded by Arianna Huffington, Kenneth Lerer, and Jonah Peretti in 2005, the blog was purchased in 2011 for $315 million by AOL. Huffington Post features thousands of bloggers who contribute newsworthy content on a variety of topics.

Outside of news and politics, they continue building a ton of content for their entertainment and life sections.

Entertainment subsections cover culture and arts, celebrities, TV and film, and media. Within the life section, you can explore topics like food and drink, money, style and beauty, travel, relationships, and wellness.

7. Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed 2023-1

BuzzFeed focuses on social media and entertainment targeting millennials. It's trendy, image-heavy, and a fun read. BuzzFeed's content often goes viral thanks to its flashy graphics and in-depth reporting.

The size of their audience is staggering. Statista’s May 2016 research found that 7 billion viewers accessed their video content per month.

Founded in 2006, the outlet became known for its fun quizzes, listicles, and pop culture pieces. The site took off in 2011 when the BuzzFeed team began reporting on serious news using long-form journalism.

Outside of news and videos, visitors can enjoy quizzes, read in-depth consumer reviews, and explore content across many topics, including:

  • Technology
  • Business
  • Politics
  • Health
  • Animals
  • Investigations
  • Life

8. Mashable

Mashable 2023

Founded in 2005, Mashable delivers newsworthy content about culture, science, technology, business, social good, and more. With separate editions for Australia, France, India, Asia, and the UK, it's one of the most read, reputable, and reliable go-to sources for information on the web.

In the entertainment section, they cover TV, movies, and gaming. Their numbers are impressive too. They earn over 45 million unique visits, have 28 million social media followers, and generate 7.5 million social shares every month!

9. The Onion

2023 Onion Article

Founded in 1988, The Onion started as a weekly print publication in Wisconsin. These humble beginnings eventually paved the road for the publication to be arguably the most popular satire site on the web.

They often cover current events while applying a fun or satirical tone. At other times, they create completely fictional satire pieces for the amusement of the world at large. Their content includes op-eds, interviews, and other formats that align with traditional news outlets, like the Associated Press.

Topics found on The Onion include politics, sports, local, opinion, video, and, of course, entertainment. This is one of the best outlets for big laughs.

10. The A.V. Club

AV Club 2023 Blog

Speaking of The Onion, founder Stephen Thompson started The A.V. Club as an entertainment section in The Onion print newspaper. Three years later, both outlets debuted on the internet.

The A.V. Club now covers all things entertainment, including topics like TV, music, video games, film, and podcasts. Their team writes reviews, previews, criticisms, and commentaries.

Their online presence grew so much in popularity that they debuted an A.V. Club TV show on Fusion in 2017.

Valuable Education Blogs

These outlets not only provide awesome educational courses—they also create informative and helpful blogs.

11. Coursera 

Coursera 2023

Coursera offers over 2,000 classes from some of the top universities in the world right in the comfort of your living room. Courses by some of the top professors at Stanford, MIT, Penn State, Johns Hopkins, Harvard, and more are available, many of which are free or inexpensive.  

If you want to continue your education or focus on a topic, you'll find a course on Coursera! Plus their blog is a really interesting way to learn about new course offerings, meet the teachers, and explore the subjects they teach.

If you’re feeling stuck and in need of motivation, check out their stories on their blog. Hear from real visitors who shifted their careers, gained new skills, and even started their own companies thanks to Coursera’s platform.

12. Khan Academy

Khan Academy 2023

Khan Academy is another great resource for online learning. They offer a wide range of mathematics courses that are organized by subject and grade level, science and engineering, computing, arts and humanities, and economics and finance.

Plus, they provide test preparation tools for standardized tests, like SAT, MCAT, LSAT, and more, as well as courses for college admissions, career management, entrepreneurship, and personal finance. The best part -- every course is free!

Their blog offers help for AP teachers and students, along with the latest news centered on their products and offerings.

13. Udacity

Udacity 2023

Another top-rated MOOC provider, Udacity is one of the most forward-thinking educational resources. They provide content for several unique topics, such as AI, flying cars and autonomous flight, machine learning engineering, VR, development, and robotics.

One of the main focuses they specialize in is tech. Their featured programs include Android and iOS development, full-stack web development, and programming. But there are plenty of options if you’re interested in business analytics, data science, Google Adwords, and other domains.

You can choose specific paths for careers, explore their catalog of available courses, and earn a nanodegree, which are project and skills-based educational credential programs.

Their blog provides awesome content in career guidance, data and computer science, college, lifelong learning, and news on courses and events.

14. edX

EdX Blog 2023

This nonprofit organization was created by professionals at MIT and Harvard in 2012. As of 2023, edX has a network of over 80 million learners. Hundreds of schools and organizations, including Microsoft and UC Berkeley, offer courses through this MOOC provider.   

You’re bound to find something interesting to learn through edX. The subject categories include everything from architecture and philosophy to law and engineering.

The edX blog includes categories based on learner news, learner stories (perfect for much-needed inspiration), and business, as well as a category for Spanish speaking visitors. You can also search their blog by looking through subject tags.

15. Udemy

Udemy Blog 2023

Students who take Udemy courses are seeking ways to improve specific job skills. None of their courses are credentialed or offered through colleges.

The main difference between the aforementioned MOOCs and Udemy is the latter provides course created by online content creators. They now offer over 80,000 courses to their students!

Udemy is best known for their massive selection of topics and subjects, such as business, development, health and fitness, music, teacher training, office productivity, and language.

On their blog, the Udemy team publishes consistently, educating students and instructors alike for both users to make the most of the platform. They also create content on ideas and social innovation as well as the brand’s news.

Inspiring Travel Blogs

It’s especially fun to see the unique, awesome ways content creators cover travel.

16. Be My Travel Muse


Kristin, the award-winning solo female traveler and creator of the Be MY Travel Muse blog shares her various travel experiences and adventures. She includes guides for other aspiring solo female travelers and writes about tips to help them on their journey, destinations they should visit, and even her dating life while she travels.

One of the goals of her blog is to help other people make their traveling dreams a reality. Her content is entertaining, informative, and engaging. 

17. The Everywhereist

The Everywhereist 2023

Geraldine DeRuiter’s unique voice is a breath of fresh air in the travel blog world. When she’s not fawning over Jeff Goldblum or tweet-flirting with her husband, Moz founder Rand Fishkin, she’s writing hilarious personal essays, musings, and travel guides.

Her blog is a must-read, especially her viral post on Mario Batali’s sexual misconduct apology and how she addresses Twitter (Now X) abusers. But you also can’t miss out on her travel memoir All Over The Place: Adventures in Travel, True Love, and Petty Theft.

The national coverage from sources like Oprah.com, CNN, and Mashable and the accolades she earned from Forbes, HuffPo, and Time are all much deserved.

18. Wild We Wander

Wild We Wander 2023

This blog is not strictly travel-focused; it’s more focused on inspiring and educating readers to live ‘alternative lifestyles’ that are simple and adventure-oriented.

Here at Bluleadz, we love HubSpot. Our whole team earns certifications and takes courses through HubSpot Academy, which features Justin Champion, a content professor who also lives as a digital nomad with his wife, Ariele Champion.

They both document their digital nomadic life on their social media and their blog. They show you how to convert a truck into a camper, while maintaining a journal of their wanderings. Stay in the loop with their minimalist, nomadic lifestyle so you can enjoy your wandering too!

19. The Culture Map

The Culture Map 2023


This UK author's travel blog is plain and simple—to salvage her memories. Culture Map founder Shing is a woman who has traveled to nearly 50 countries.

Her content is entertaining, inspiring, and informative. She educates on refugee crises, questions the tradition of running of the bulls, explores street art, and writes on so much more. Themes within her blog include food, museums, quirky places, responsible tourism, and Scandinavia.

Check out her travel map to see where she’s been, and click the region to see blog content specific to that area.

20. The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad 2023

The Blonde Abroad is a travel blog created by California native, Kiersten. She is a solo traveler who shares her experiences and photographs from the over 70 countries she's traveled to. 

Kiersten has packing guides, travel tips, and inspiration for women to travel solo. She even does giveaways and share videos of some of her adventures. 

Other Fun Blogs to Read

If you enjoy learning about new things then you may consider reading blogs that enhance your personal life in some way. Take a look at some fun blogs we found for you to read in the following categories. 

Beauty Blogs to Follow


21. Into the Gloss

Into the Gloss is the beauty blog that started the popular makeup brand Glossier. This blog has helpful tips, guides, and interviews featuring every topic related to beauty, such as hair, makeup, and skincare.

They also include extra blog posts about topics unrelated to beauty. For instance, they recently posted a blog article about books called "What's Everyone Reading?"

22. Allure

If you're thinking Allure sounds like the once popular beauty magazine, then you'd be correct. Allure shifted their magazine to include an online blog presence that has been wildly successful.

They discuss the best of beauty each year to provide beauty product recommendations to their audience. Additionally, they write about wellness as well as makeup and skincare to help their readers glow from the inside out. 

23. Free People Blog

Free People has a beauty blog! And it is full of helpful tips and tricks about everything beauty-related.

They have fun and engaging content that discusses anything from celery in skincare to the best products for your hair with honest reviews and opinions. 

24. My Beauty Bunny

Love animals? This blog discusses everything related to cruelty-free beauty. 

Aside from beauty, they also cover vegan lifestyle, travel, pet care, and general health. For over 10 years, My Beauty Bunny has helped highlight brands that do not test their products on animals, acting as a leading voice in cruelty-free lifestyle. 

Hobby Blogs to Follow


25. Craft Gossip

If you enjoy making a wide range of crafts, then this blog is for you!

The Craft Gossip blog shows you how to make crafts ranging from scrapbooking and quilting to jewelry making and glass art. 

26. Cleverhiker

Love the forest, mountains, and the wilderness? Check out this blog for in-depth product reviews for gear that you need to go hiking, camping, and backpacking.

Their blog articles discuss the best gear options for you based on your adventure. 

27. The Literary Edit

This blog provides you with everything book-related.

Read blog posts about books from various genres. See photographs of beautiful bookstores from all around the world. This London-based blog is great for literary lovers of all types!

28. Adventure Journal

The Adventure Journal is a wonderful blog about adventure gear, outdoor photography, and the environment. Check out this blog if you are an enthusiastic adventure lover!

29. Game Informer

The Game Informer is a blog that keeps avid gamers up to date about everything in the gaming world. This includes game releases, updates, and gaming products. 

30. Gundam Kits Collection

If you're an avid fan of Gundam or like building "Gunpla" (plastic model kits of mecha from various Gundam-related shows, manga, books, and games), then this is a great blog to subscribe to! It regularly publishes news about upcoming P-Bandai releases, reviews of new model kits, and general info about the franchise as a whole.

Personal Finance Blogs to Follow


31. NerdWallet

This blog covers a whole host of personal finance advice. NerdWallet gives personal finance tips for topics such as credit cards, banking, mortgages, and insurance.

Readers are also provided with comprehensive "Best" lists, like the best of travel credit card options or the best online lenders. 

32. MintLife

Need expert advice about finances? Look no further than the MintLife blog.

Some of their current article headlines include, "How Your Discretionary Income Impacts Your Student Loans" and "How to Reassess Your Finances After Unexpected Job Loss." 

33. The Penny Hoarder

The Penny Hoarder is an extremely popular finance blog that helps people figure out how to afford their lives with the resources they have at their disposal. They also discuss how to gain residual income and how to save money. 

34. The Simple Dollar

Ever wanted to know how to learn about finances in a simple and easy way?

The Simple Dollar provides easy-to-follow and engaging blog articles about everything related to your personal finance. 

35. Money Under 30

It's no secret that learning how to manage money takes time and experience. Money Under 30 educates young people on how they can handle their finances to experience a financially healthy life. 

36. The Frugal Girl

Want to learn how to become more frugal with your spending?

Check out this blog, The Frugal Girl. Some of her recent post titles include "Five Frugal Things" and "What I Spent, What We Ate." 

Food Blogs to Follow



POPSUGAR has a food blog with delicious recipes and food picks from various popular grocery stores. They write about several celebrity food picks and try their favorite recipes as well. 

38. Delish

Delish is a super trendy food blog that features articles about food and recipes. They also feature videos about popular food hacks from social media platforms like TikTok

39. Sweet as Honey

Sweet as Honey is a healthy and low-carb food blog that covers breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack recipes. This is a great one to follow if you want to cut back on carbs for any reason.

40. Pinch of Yum

The food pictures on Pinch of Yum will make you want to make more than cereal or microwaveable food for dinner. This food blog is dedicated to providing its readers with exciting and approachable food blog posts and recipes.

41. Love & Lemons

The Love and Lemons blog features a bright and exciting homepage with beautiful food pictures and an offer to download their cookbook. Readers learn a lot about using seasonal ingredients and expand their horizons with new recipes featured on the blog. 

42. Spoon Fork Bacon

Spoon Fork Bacon is a visually appealing blog with plenty of recipes for any diet. They feature appetizers, dinners, lunches, desserts, and other seasonal recipes. 

Parenting Blogs to Follow


43. Scary Mommy

Scary Mommy is a fun parenting blog full of information and blog posts for moms that help to uplift mothers rather than shame them. The blog categories include important areas of focus, like pregnancy, kids, parenting, lifestyle, and relationships. 

44. The Inspired Treehouse

This parenting blog was created by two pediatric physical therapists. They provide blog posts that help parents understand the cognitive, physical, and emotional development of their children.

45. Motherly

Another important parenting blog, Motherly discusses everything about the joys and downfalls of parenting life.

They review interesting topics such as balancing work and relationships with children, childcare, and products for children to help parents on their journey of parenthood. 

46. Overthought This

Feeling lost in parenting? Look to the Overthought This blog (formerly Bounce Back Parenting blog) to provide information on connecting with your kids, dealing with anger, and other hot topics surrounding parent-child relationships and raising children.

47. Hands Free Mama

Need some help getting out of your own head so you can foster healthy relationships with your children and others? The Hands Free Mama blog may be the perfect fit for you! This blog covers activities you can engage in with your kids as well as life advice for parents.

Art Blogs to Follow


48. Artforum

Artforum has the latest art news and reviews about art and photography. They feature information about art shows and critic picks.  

49. Cass Art

Want an inside look at artist studios and interviews? Subscribe to the Cass Art blog to get a closer look at some of Cass' artist picks. 

50. Lost Art Press

Founded by Christopher M. Schwarz, who is a furniture maker, the Lost Art Press blog discusses artwork like woodworking, window making, and door making.

Readers enjoy a lot of free blog content, but they also have access to more educational resources that they can pay for, including instructional videos and books. Schwarz also sells apparel, posters, and other miscellaneous items. 

51. ArtBar

The ArtBar blog is all about art inspiration for children and teens. They have bright and colorful art pictures and tons of art ideas delivered to your inbox twice a month. 

52. ARTnews Magazine

Love art and want to keep up to date with new trends or events? Check out ARTnews Magazine's site. They even have a special section for Art in America if you want to see the latest info based on American artists and shows.

These are just a small sample of the interesting blogs you can find online. Blogs on this list are some of the best-written and most informative blogs on their respective subjects.

If you're looking to expand your worldview, improve your productivity at work, teach your kids, learn a new hobby, seek design inspiration, or just goof off, check these out now!

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General FAQ

What Makes a Blog Interesting?

An interesting blog will capture your attention with a great headline, offer valuable information, and keep you reading until the last sentence. Other features of an interesting blog include:

  • Ability to tell a story
  • High-quality images
  • Useful takeaways
  • Relevant to the main topic

How Can You Find Blogs That Interest You?

The easiest way to discover blogs that pique your interest is through the search engine. Do a basic Google search on the topic you are looking for and look through the results, then skim through a few blogs to see if anything catches your eye.

What Are Some of the Best Business Blogs?

Some of the best business blogs you should subscribe to are:

  • Evernote
  • First Round Review
  • Entrepreneur
  • Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Michael Hyatt

Douglas Phillips

Douglas Phillips

Former military brat, graduated from Leilehua High School in Wahiawa, Hawaii in 2001. After earning my Bachelor's in English/Professional Writing, took on a job as a writer here at Bluleadz.