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Exam Preparation & Assistance Company Migrates Pardot to HubSpot to Streamline Operations

Companies have a myriad of choices when it comes to software to run their business. The options include a ton of different tools, such as:

Many are highly efficient and are extremely helpful in expediting processes. However few offer the all-in-one solutions provided by HubSpot. This is why we were happy to help a recent client migrate from Pardot to HubSpot.

Client Information

The client is an organization that offers educational courses for people seeking to become general contractors across the nation. These courses range from in-person classes, to online webinars, and pre-recorded instructional videos. 

Since every state has different licensing requirements, they deploy marketing campaigns to bring brand awareness to their target audience regarding the scope of their courses and how they can pick their classes based on the state where they reside. 

Primary Client Pain Points

The client was getting frustrated because they used Pardot for their marketing automation, but kept experiencing glitches. To add insult to injury, they were also having a hard time getting the issues resolved through the platform’s customer service.

As a result, many of their contacts were not getting their marketing emails. Therefore, they were concerned that they may have been losing people at the top of the funnel. 

They wanted a more reliable platform to conduct their lead nurturing campaigns and had already been looking at HubSpot. So they reached out to us hoping that we could help them get back on track to attracting their audience. 

HubSpot Services Provided

HubSpot Services #1: Pardot Migration to HubSpot

The client wanted a full migration of contacts, companies, and deals. They also wanted assistance setting up their ticket support process. So we imported their contacts and existing campaigns, then set them up into HubSpot’s Workflows tool. 

We also ensured that all of their existing email content was entered into HubSpot templates. 

Benefits of Migrating From Pardot to HubSpot

The reason why it was so beneficial for this client (and for anyone looking to conduct a similar migration) is because HubSpot’s marketing automation offers a more comprehensive experience. Here are some ways Pardot and HubSpot differ:

  • Pardot focuses on email marketing campaigns, while HubSpot also comes with templates and drag-and-drop functionalities to create not only emails, but also website pages, landing pages, content offers, and blogs.
  • No need for integrations, since HubSpot has a CRM, CMS, and sales and customer service hubs.
  • HubSpot includes a revenue attribution feature, which lets you track how much money you’re generating from each marketing campaign asset. 

HubSpot Services #2: Custom Dashboards for Marketing, Sales, and Service Teams 

We built custom reporting dashboards for a variety of their needs. The marketing dashboard gives them an overview of their website performance and lead management efforts. 

The agent dashboard provides metrics for management to see all activity from the sales and service teams. This includes leaderboards and task management reporting as well. 

Overall, these dashboards provided them the data they need to keep track of what’s working and what may need to be modified and improved upon across all their teams. 

Doing so makes things a lot easier across departments, since these dashboards can be built in a way that makes sense to the intended reader: Tracking the metrics that matter depending on someone’s job role and quarterly goals. It also enables you to use data visualizations that you prefer, including pie charts, graphs, and line charts.

When you can read things easily and focus only on what’s relevant to you, you can make data-driven decisions much more quickly.

HubSpot Services #3: HubSpot Training

The client was also looking for initial training so that they could learn how to create campaign assets, such as emails and landing pages. They also wanted to learn about different automation features and how to clone them for future campaigns. 

Our team of experts provided trainings during video calls to answer specific questions and walk them through all their capabilities in the Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub. 

Providing video training sessions is an excellent way to identify and answer questions as they arise. They also help users see through the video sharing feature how to access tools and how to implement them.

And since these training sessions are tailored to the client’s needs, you get exactly what you need, instead of browsing through countless online tutorials trying to find content that’s relevant to your circumstances.

How HubSpot Is Supporting their Growth

Once the Pardot to HubSpot migration was completed and all of their contacts were in HubSpot, the client has been able to successfully nurture their contacts and keep them engaged in each of their campaigns.

They’re also happy to see that their HubSpot platform is working without any issues; and that their user-friendly interface has enabled their teams to hit the ground running. The automation capabilities of HubSpot fit their needs and are an ideal solution to continue managing their leads and customers. 

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Alejandra Zilak

Alejandra Zilak

Alejandra Zilak is a content writer, ghostwriter, blogger, and editor. She has a bachelor's degree in journalism and a Juris Doctor. She's licensed to practice law in four jurisdictions and worked as an attorney for almost a decade before switching careers to write full time. She loves being part of the Bluleadz team and implementing SEO best practices with her content. When not working, she loves to read, write fiction, and long distance running.