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5 Tips for Using the Free HubSpot Sales Hub to Drive Revenue

HubSpot has taken providing value to the next level by opening up their sales software in a free plan. Admittedly, it's a limited version to their sales hub, but there's still a ton of goodies to be found that won't break your budget.

In an effort to fight the large ticket that normally comes with sales software, CRMs, and an analytics dashboard, HubSpot has risen to the challenge with their free sales plan.

What Do You Get With a Free HubSpot Sales Plan?


Even on a free plan, you get a pretty loaded deck through HubSpot's sales hub, especially if you're utilizing their awesome CRM as well.

In order to give your sales team some great, basic (by HubSpot's standards) advantages, you'll have access to these services:

Contact & Deal Management

With HubSpot's impressive CRM, sales reps can monitor and manage new and existing leads, tracking them as they move through your pipeline to a closed deal.

Completely customizable, build your dashboard into a tool that works uniquely for your business.

Email Automation

Through scheduling and sequences, you can put prospecting on autopilot and never miss a step in nurturing a lead. Schedule emails to go out at a certain time and date to only certain contacts who meet a certain criteria.

You'll be able to ensure that you're hitting their inbox at a time that they're most likely to engage.


Save your reps time with personalized email templates.

You can take out some of the redundancy of outreach by leveraging this tool and pairing it with the automation features. You can even share templates for your whole team to use as needed.

Document Sharing


You have the opportunity to optimize your documents for both internal planning and sharing with your contacts. You can track who opens what documents and exactly which pages they're giving attention to.

This is great for personalizing sales pitches and follow up conversations.

Meeting Scheduling

Connect your calendar to the sales hub to let leads book calls or meetings directly to your schedule. This keeps your team organized in a way you couldn't imagine.

Integration Technology

HubSpot has a vast range of integration capabilities. Sync your Salesforce, Mailchimp, and other software data with ease.

Live Chat

Live chat is an excellent means of connecting directly with prospects as they explore your website. You'll be able to actively engage with them in relation to what they're looking at, acting as a resource when it's the most relevant.

Not only does this personalize the experience, but it also builds trust and a stronger relationship.

In-App Calling

Make your sales calls a breeze with the in-app calling feature.


You can make calls from inside your browser. Queue them, log them into your CRM, and even record them with a single click.

How to Make the Most of Your HubSpot Sales Platform

HubSpot has done a great job making their software and services customizable and easy to navigate. We dive into what measures you and your team can take to get everything you can out of the tools above.

Build Your CRM Your Way.

Customizing your CRM is a valuable and important task that you should tackle before anything else. Adding all of the necessary segments, filters, and features that are going to support your sales efforts will help make everything else fall in place.

There's a whole new world to explore once you've built your CRM to your own tastes.

Automate Your Processes.

You'll be surprised by how this accelerates your team's process. All of the effort it takes to reach out to contacts, nurture leads, and maintain positive relationships is cut in half when you can schedule out your emails and queue your calls.

Leverage Calendar Integrations.


Make sure that you never leave a prospect hanging by integrating your calendar with HubSpot's software. There could be a new customer ready to convert on the other end of the line, just waiting for you to pick up the phone, but your schedule is a mess.

Being able to see your calendar update in real time allows you to prioritize your meetings in a proactive manner. Start scheduling meetings during times that work for both you and your prospects.

Keep in Contact with Your Team.

A rarely acknowledged, but incredibly valuable, feature that comes with the free sales hub is that it can be accessed by multiple users. Your team is able to stay on the same page and track your pipeline without confusion.

Encourage communication between team members and even departments. A business that's aligned and working together is optimized to best serve their audience and generate revenue.

Integrate Your Existing Software.

This seems like a no-brainer, but most people wind up going through the tedious job of either transferring data a piece at a time or copying every single entry by hand.

Neither are necessary with HubSpot's sales hub. Simply integrate your current system with HubSpot's and voila. You're free to get back to bringing in new customers.


There's so much to be gained from HubSpot's free sales hub. And the list grows if you opt to purchase the full service. Just a few of these extra features are:

  • Sales automation
  • Predictive lead scoring
  • Customizable reports
  • Salesforce integration

With so many tools at your fingertips and a few creative tips on how to use them, your sales team will be able to start prospecting and leading new deals in no time.

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