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Nonprofit Organization Improves Internal Efficiencies By Migrating to HubSpot LMS and Marketing Hub

One of the things we love the most about HubSpot is its practicality — it’s user-friendly, it offers a myriad of tools to make everyone’s jobs easier, and since it has marketing, sales, and service hubs, it often provides one solution for several different challenges. 

That was the case with a recent client that was looking to simplify their processes. 

Client Information

The client is a worldwide network of organizations that provide spiritual retreats and online conferences. Their purpose is to provide participants with a sense of community with like-minded individuals. 

Primary Pain Points: 

The client came to us because they were using too many different applications within their tech stack — one for their customer relationship management (CRM), one for email marketing, and another one that served as a platform for their online courses, to name a few. While all of these technologies enabled them to provide their services, they often came across inefficiencies; especially as they jumped around from one to the other. 

They were looking for an all-in-one solution that would centralize all of their data. They also wanted to ensure that each component interacted well with each other. 

HubSpot Services Provided

Thanks to HubSpot’s wide array of tools, we assisted the client in streamlining their processes, all within the same platform: 

HubSpot Service #1: Courses Migration to HubLMS

The client previously hosted their online courses on a learning management system (LMS) called LearnWorlds. They had chosen it originally because it enabled them to build a resource library and it integrated with their tech stack. 

We transferred everything to HubSpot’s HubLMS on the platform's content management system (CMS). This allows them to continue to set up their educational courses without the need for integrations for any other applications. 

HubSpot Service #2: Marketing Automation

We set up workflows based on specific user behavior triggers, such as whether website visitors were filling out their online forms to take a course, enroll in a retreat, or host a retreat. We also designed templates for confirmation emails, as well as their membership pages, and instructions on how to access their online courses. 

In addition, we created custom objects to assign company-specific properties, and segmented them so they could get a clear picture of how many hosts, invitees, and other crucial data points they had at any given moment. 

We also built custom personalization tokens to enable them to deploy more targeted emails; and we set up custom monthly and quarterly dashboards to reflect how many people have registered for the courses, retreats, to become a host, from which regions, and to show them the performance of all of their retreats. 

How HubSpot LMS & Marketing Hub Support Their Growth

As of the time of this writing, the client hasn’t launched their new marketing campaigns yet. However, they are thrilled about using a single platform for their contacts, workflows, and dashboards. 

They’re also happy that they no longer have to piece together various sources to get accurate reporting numbers. And since their website was already on HubSpot, they’re happy that they can get their marketing, sales, and customer service all done from the same SaaS provider.
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Alejandra Zilak

Alejandra Zilak

Alejandra Zilak is a content writer, ghostwriter, blogger, and editor. She has a bachelor's degree in journalism and a Juris Doctor. She's licensed to practice law in four jurisdictions and worked as an attorney for almost a decade before switching careers to write full time. She loves being part of the Bluleadz team and implementing SEO best practices with her content. When not working, she loves to read, write fiction, and long distance running.