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12 of the Best Email Signature Generators You Need to Use Today

The best email signature generators.

 Email Signatures | 6 min read

Using a unique email signature has become a bit of a trend lately.

But trendiness aside, whether you're sending personal emails or business emails, you can use a signature that can make your email stand out from the crowd and impress the recipient.

There are several things you can accomplish when you use a unique email signature:

  • Branding – Establish and reinforce your company identity in every correspondence.
  • Personalization – Add your picture to give recipients a personal, human connection. 
  • Professionalism –Demonstrate credibility and show your company is well established.
  • Linking opportunities – Add quick links to contact information, social media, and relevant channels.  
  • Promotional opportunities – Drive registration for upcoming events if they're relevant to your recipient. 
  • Valuable offers – Add a call to action (CTA) for recipients to follow to download a relevant offer, like an ebook or report.  

Today, offering your potential customer a personalized experience is crucial for effective email. But you don't have to fend for yourself. Create awesome email signatures by using the best email generator tools available. 

The Best Email Signature Generators


There are a number of email signature generators available online that are free and offer you the ability to create a really cool signature. You can simply copy and paste it directly into your email program and include it on every email you send.

Plus, there are tools that allow you to build customizable templates, where you can include graphics, clickable links, photos, and more. Essentially, you can make your email signature act as a virtual business card that can establish your brand identity, inform prospects of exactly what you offer, and personalize your outreach.

Here's a list of the best email signature and template generator tools you need to try now:


ZippySig allows you to create custom email signatures for every member of your team. It offers advanced customization options, including over 40 fonts, thousands of social icon variations, and layout options, like adding columns, changing field labels, and using custom banners. 

Plus, they provide a user friendly dashboard and great technical support.

Signature Creator

If you're looking to create a custom handwritten signature, font signature, and email signature, then Signature Creator is your best option. It allows you to do it all in a super easy tool.

All the signatures you create are generated on the server and get automatically deleted after 15 minutes.

However, you can save the image directly from your server by right-clicking on the signature. The best part of this tool is how simple and straightforward it is. 


Wisestamp offers a free version as well as a monthly subscription service with increased functionality. It's used by over 650,000 professionals to customize signatures. Plus, the tool allows you to add social media icons to increase your social community.

You can choose from over 50 professional templates and even attach Instagram photos to personalize your email. 


HubSpot's email signature template generator is another awesome option. You simply fill out your main information form, which includes all your personal information, and then you can add links to your social media in the following form.

Then, customize the style by choosing a theme, fonts, and colors. The last two forms allow you to add a text or image CTA and HubSpot Academy certifications you completed. Adding your certifications can add credibility to your name and company. 

Once you're done, you can use it within any email provider, including Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo Mail.


Using MailSignatures is another easy, step by step generator tool. Start by selecting your email platform from the selection of clickable options, then choose a signature template.


Then, add your personal information, company information, your logo, stylize your font, and finally link your social media accounts. Once you review it, select "Apply your signature" to connect it to your email platform. 


NEWOLDSTAMP has both free and premium version with an annual subscription. You can choose and customize a template to fit your requirements.

Like other services, it offers social icons and apps for marketplaces. Additionally, you can add a promotional banner to your signature footer with a CTA and a link to a landing page. This email signature generator has central management to control and update your team's signatures, making it the perfect tool for your whole team.

Email Signature Rescue

Email Signature Rescue offers a really nice looking series of templates you can adopt for your signature. Create customized signatures in minutes by simply filling out a form with no HTML needed.

These are professionally designed and tested. The software allows you to create and manage unique signatures that can then be stored and securely hosted. It's also flexible with over 45 email providers and integrates with Google Analytics, which helps you track performance of the links you include and optimize your emails over time. 


Aside from all the common features that make creating and managing business email signatures simple, CompanySIG.com also includes options to include a map in your signature. 

Copy and paste your created signature into your email client signature box and you're all set! This is another online tool that allows you to manage multiple signature. It allows three free signatures, but if you want more you can upgrade to their Pro version.

Growth Mail

Growth Mail has a rather unique approach. It allows you to turn your email signatures into advertisements for your business. According to their studies, on average the typical employee sends in the neighborhood of 20,000 emails per year.


Growth Mail allows you to turn them into stunning interactive branding tools that look professional, drive traffic, and win new business! It's easy to use, tested, and secure.


Another sleek looking, user friendly tool, MySignature walks you through every step of building a signature. Their templates are awesome, and one of the best aspects of their tool is the fact that you can use it on the go.

Their tool is mobile optimized, so you can start building right now on any mobile device connected to the internet. Plus, the built-in analytics make it easy to track how well your banners, clickable images, and links are performing with your recipients. 

This tool offers both individual plans and business plans, so they can fit your need no matter how big or small it is. 


One of the most talked about tools, Designhill has been featured in leading publications, including Entrepreneur, Inc., Forbes, and Huffington Post. 

Their email signature generator is easy to use, and once you're done creating, simply embed it into your email account. The templates they offer are some of the most visually appealing ones available. 


The amount of time it takes to build an email signature that looks great and yields the most benefits doesn't have to eat away your whole day. With HoneyBook, all you need is 30 seconds. 

You fill out two simple forms and then pick from eight templates they offer. While other tools on this list offer a lot more versatility, this tool is perfect if you're looking to keep things simple. 

Bottom Line

Today, you need to take advantage of every opportunity to imprint your brand on your potential customers. Your email signature is perfect for adding to your branding strategy by using a tool you use every day – email. 

Using an email signature generator to create the perfect email signature can provide contact information for your business, develop your brand, and give you a more professional appearance with little effort.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in October 2017. It was updated in November 2018 for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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