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18 Sales Prospecting Tools Guaranteed to Generate Revenue

Want to get a leg up on the competition with the best sales prospecting tools around?

Good sales prospecting tools accelerate the whole prospecting process while making it that much easier to close the deal. With so many different options out there, though, which sales prospecting tools are the best?

Let’s look at some of the most powerful and reliable tools around:

1. Prospect.io

One of the most powerful sales automation tools available, Prospect.io delivers an excellent suite of features that empower you and your sales team to thrive.  

The prospecting feature helps you find and verify important details about your prospects, like their emails, phone numbers, job titles, and more. The Google Chrome extension makes this feature even easier to use. For outreach, you can build templates and drip campaigns to automate follow ups.

Also, this tool provides you with important metrics (like email opens and conversions) to analyze your efforts. The best part – it fully integrates with your existing sales tools, like HubSpot and Salesforce. 

2. RingLead's DMS Capture

One of the fastest and easiest ways to minimize the manual labor involved in prospecting, RingLead's DMS Capture is well worth the investment. 

It can derive and record contact information from all kinds of online sources, making research a snap. That allows it to build prospect entries from scratch or append fresh, accurate information to your existing contact database.

3. Data.com

Information decay is one of the biggest scourges of good prospecting. With Data.com, you get access to vetted prospect information directly from one of the biggest names in the CRM world, Salesforce.

It has millions of listings that are constantly updated, so you can always start your search for a piece of information right here.

4. NinjaOutreach

NinjaOutreach is a purpose-built tool that helps you find influencers in your niche. This is a great way to cultivate connections for joint ventures, guest blogging, and much more.

Though it may have been designed with the inbound marketer in mind, the modern sales pro will find it’s a great way to scope out the “Who’s Who” of any target niche in an instant.

5. CrunchBase

If you are interested in targeting young and growing companies, you simply can’t go wrong with CrunchBase. It’s an innovative database that offers information on the top startups.

Known for its deep search functionality, it can give you information that might take hours to compile on your own – including deep dive details like rounds of funding.

6. Mattermark

Mattermark is a business database somewhat similar to CrunchBase, but it offers insights on a broader set of businesses. 

In addition to all the background and contact information you would expect, it goes a step further by providing growth metrics on the companies in its listings. It’s so good that Mattermark uses Mattermark to find customers for ... Mattermark.

7. Datanyze Insider

Any time you have the opportunity to simplify your technology stack while still getting great results, you should go for it. As a Chrome extension, Datanyze gives you that chance.

Datanyze lets you pull information from social media, Alexa, and much more to learn what kind of tools prospects use for their web presence. That makes this a great tool for any software company.

8. BuiltWith

This is another great tool specifically for sales pros looking for prospects who use certain types of web software. BuiltWith evaluates sites on the web and returns listings of sites that use particular software.

It’s easy to generate a complete list of prospects that have certain software solutions active or have used them in the past. This makes it great to use alongside Datanyze Insider.

9. VoilaNorbert

Let’s say you’re halfway through the process of gathering your prospect list. You’ve got names, companies, maybe even job titles – but the email address you need is nowhere to be found.

Now it’s time to pull in VoilaNorbert, quirky name and all. All you need to find the person you’re looking for is their first name, last name, and the company website’s URL. Voila!

10. BuzzStream Buzzmarker

If you still enjoy the personal touch of manually searching for leads, BuzzStream Buzzmarker is essential. It comes complete with a robust tool for pulling contact details, plus a very convenient browser plugin.

The plugin lets you “mark” and centralize information on prospects as you do your daily web browser or check social media. A handy way to keep track!

11. LinkedIn

Any piece on sales prospecting tools would be incomplete without LinkedIn taking an honorable mention.

Sure, LinkedIn’s prices are rising with the size and scope of its network, but it may be worth it to try out those premium accounts: Experts have estimated that LinkedIn is responsible for the vast majority of social B2B leads online, far surpassing Facebook and Twitter.

12. Detective

No matter how you find your prospects, sooner or later comes the exciting part – first contact! Start off on the right foot with Detective by Charlie.

It compiles a dossier of whoever you’re about to meet, combing social media and news sites for the juicy details that create a true connection. You can find out who you know in common, how their company is doing, and what their passions are.

13. Mention

Mention helps with the long-term relationship nurturing that might precede the big sale. It works like Google Alerts on its second pot of coffee, searching for all the big news that comes out of a prospect’s company.

Whenever a company hits a milestone, wins an award, or releases a new product, you’ll be the first to know. Plus, you can use it to monitor your own firm’s @mentions.

14. Google Alerts

It’s not the fanciest option and might not seem like the top priority on Big G’s ever-growing list of services, but you shouldn’t count out Google Alerts.

It’s free, it’s fast, and it can collect breaking news headlines on a wide range of subjects – including your prospects. You have to get a little creative to squeeze as much value out of it as Mention, but many sales pros swear by it.

15. Mailshake

Mailshake is the simplest solution for cold outreach. Built for marketing & salespeople, Mailshake lets you send personalized emails, trigger based follow up emails, and track how recipients engage with your emails. 

16. Snov.io

Another excellent cold outreach automation platform, Snov.io supplies you with plenty of tools for lead generation.

Some of the most impressive tools are the email finder, which looks through domains to find contact information, and the technology checker, which helps you identify the tech stack being used by businesses.

The platform continues to earn a lot of attention in the sales and marketing world. It generated nearly 2,000 five-star reviews in the Chrome Web Store. 

17. Propeller CRM

Noted for its integration with Gmail, Propeller CRM is another awesome tool your sales team can use for prospecting. Aside from the awesome integration, this tool is impressive for many reasons.

The pipeline management aspect helps you oversee your ongoing prospecting from a bird's eye view. Customize pipelines for different markets you're prospecting in, and qualify your leads in real time when you're running email campaigns. 

18. AeroLeads

Another amazing option is AeroLeads. Start by simply downloading the AeroLeads Chrome plugin, then go to LinkedIn search.

This is where you can upload names and companies to access up to 15 data points on each prospect, including job title, location, business phone numbers, and much more. Then, export your list or transfer the data into common CRM tools like Salesforce and HubSpot CRM.  

When it comes to sales prospecting tools, these are the best around today. Introducing just one or two to your prospecting process can make it dramatically faster and smoother.

Over time, you can craft a technology stack that works right for you – with one “go-to” app for each step in your process, backed by others that can fill in the gaps whenever the preferred solution doesn’t cut it. With the backing of a complete inbound marketing campaign, these tools will help you rake in the sales.

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