Client Background

Express Sewer & Drain is a Sacramento-based plumbing company that services residential, commercial, and municipal plumbing needs. This can range anywhere from in-home toilet repairs and replacements to renovating underground municipal sewer lines.

Express Sewer & Drain came to Bluleadz looking for help with their online marketing efforts. They understood the importance and the competitve nature of being able to be found online, but they needed expertise and help executing these principals.

Bluleadz stepped right in and began to pump out valuable content via the blog and create premium offers such as technology ebooks and DIY plumbing tip sheets. On top of that, Bluleadz has also helped establish their online presence and improve their local directory listings. Both companies still work closely together fine-tuning Express's inbound efforts and making website updates. 



Sacramento Plumbing Company Increases Organic Search Visits by 600% While Expanding Their Social Reach by 760%


Our goal was to build a credible online presence and to increase the number of calls we were receiving."

Challenge Faced #1:

Search Engine Optimization Trouble 

Express Sewer & Drain suffered from poor local search results, ranking under 60% in SEO Moz. Bluleadz knew this needed to be improved upon in order to ensure accurate information was being displayed and to bolster their visibility and reputation online. In conjunction with poor local listings, their on-page SEO needed improvement, as well.



Increase and Optimize Local Directory Listings as Well as Optimize On-Page Content by Performing Keyword Research

Express_Local_SEO.jpgWhen first coming to Bluleadz, Express Sewer & Drain was not showing up in local directory searches. Being able to be discovered in local directories, especially for a company that deals with emergencies, is pivotal.

Bluleadz was able to ensure that Express Sewer & Drain was posted on every local listing you can get on. We also began cleaning up and optimizing Google NAPs (Name, Addresses, Phone Numbers).

Bluleadz performed extensive keyword research to help figure out what their customers were looking for; consequently, we were able to tailor Express Sewer & Drain's content around their customers' concerns so Express Sewer & Drain could begin ranking higher in search results. That, being coupled with on-page optimization such as clear keyword friendly page titles, meta descriptions etc., led to a drastic increase in organic visits.



Their Local Listing is Now Ranking Over 90%

By increasing their local listing ranking over 90%, Express Sewer & Drain has increased the likelihood of being found for plumbing issues/emergencies in the Sacramento California area drastically. 

Express Sewer & Drain is in Top 3 Results for 125+ Keywords 

Once Bluleadz was able to determine the correct content based on what was being searched, Express Sewer & Drain began ranking in the top 3 search results for over 125 important keywords. Express Sewer & Drain was very pleased with this result, as it directly related to a substantial increase in qualified organic traffic to their website. 

620% Increase in Organic Visits

From March 2015 to December 2015, Express Sewer & Drain saw a huge spike in organic traffic (620%). By pairing increased qualified traffic to the site and freshly optimized local directory listings, this ultimately led to more service calls.


Challenge Faced #2:

Non-Existent Social Media Presence 

When Express Sewer & Drain first came to Bluleadz they had social media accounts set up; however, their approach needed improvement. Their social channels were very "sales-y" and there wasn't much engagement. 



1. Hone-in on the Most Beneficial Social Platform in Their Industry

Express_linkedin_Groups.jpgFirst, Bluleadz took a step back, studied their buyer personas, and took a close look at all of the social networking platforms. We found that the most responsive channel in their industry was LinkedIn.

LinkedIn allowed us to target specific groups and begin publishing relevant content directed towards those groups.

As a result of our research, we joined over 25 local groups to help build brand awareness and provide relevant content in a timely manner that invited conversation. This helped Express Sewer & Drain become a thought leader in their industry and increase visits drastically to their website.



Expanded Social Reach by 760% 

By targeting their audience via LinkedIn, Bluleadz was able to pump out valuable content to the right audience. This undoubtedly positioned Express Sewer & Drain as thought leaders in their industry. To top it off, we expanded their overall social media reach by 760%. This expanded reach led to a 400% increase in website traffic directly from social media.


Challenge Faced #3:

Under-Performing Blog

Express Sewer & Drain was not garnering much traction in terms of website traffic to their blog. They understood that it was a very valuable tool to be leveraging in order to get the right eyes on their site. In order to improve their blogging efforts, they knew something had to change... enter Bluleadz!



Begin Focusing Blogging Efforts on Their Customers Pain Points 

Focused Blogging on Customer Pain PointsBluleadz knew they would be able to increase the amount of traffic coming to the site if they generated the right content. We started an "Ask The Plumber" blogging campaign that allowed individuals to directly come to Express Sewer & Drain with their crucial questions.

This gave Express Sewer & Drain very valuable content to blog about. Addressing the concerns of your audience is a crucial part of building trust while simultaneously enforcing strong thought leadership.



93% Increase in Year-Over-Year Blog Views

By creating an editorial calendar for the blog around what people are searching for (keywords) and directly answering customer questions, Express Sewer & Drain saw a 93% increase year-over-year in blog views.


Overall Results 

Increase in Organic Website Visits
Top 3 Google Rank for 125+ keywords
Increase in Year Over Year Blog Views
Increase In Social Media Reach