Client Background

Identropy is a New York-based firm that provide partners around the U.S. with consulting services for identity and access management (IAM), as well as access governance. The firm assists partners in the development of IAM strategies, cloud IAM integrations, managed IAM and hosted IAM. Identropy’s Plan-Build-Run system gives partners end-to-end IAM coverage.

In May 2015, Identropy came to Bluleadz for a comprehensive marketing overhaul. They had a fine website, but knew they were not generating traffic or leads to their fullest potential - they had the machine, but the gears weren’t turning.

The Bluleadz team stepped in as Identropy’s inbound marketing foot soldiers and began developing new, finely-tuned content and offers, while also optimizing existing resources. Over time, Identropy saw an increase in more than just site interactions and leads, but also in ROI.

Keep reading to see what the Bluleadz team did to help Identropy overcome these challenges and send their user engagement soaring.


Identropy Increases Monthly Blog Visits by 70% and Subscribers by 62% With Bluleadz’s Inbound Marketing Strategy

Since teaming up with Bluleadz, our monthly blog traffic and inbound activity have skyrocketed. Bluleadz has truly become an extension of our team. It's been a highly productive and positive experience, working with the Bluleadz team, and our focus and appreciation for our inbound efforts is at an unprecedented level.

Challenge Faced #1:

Monthly Visits Well Below Goals

Identropy had a functioning site, but despite their best efforts, overall visits - and blog visits in particular - were nowhere close to where they needed to be. The Identropy team was blogging regularly (the minimum recommended 1-2 posts/week), yet each blog article was generating a fraction of the traffic Identropy desired. Consistent blogging brings in organic visitors and leads more than any other element on a website; however, in Identropy’s case, the existing organic traffic wasn’t enough.



Refine Keyword Research and Implement a New Editorial Calendar

When Bluleadz evaluated Identropy’s blog and site content during the early stages of engagement, it was found that many blog articles and pieces of content were not optimized or supported with keyword research. As this content did not have a foundation in thorough keyword research, traffic figures would always fall short of goals until a change was implemented. Before engaging with Bluleadz, Identropy’s blog was generating roughly 1,200-1,300 visits per month.

Bluleadz conducted detailed long-tail and short-tail keyword research, and used this research to develop a robust content strategy, which included optimized blogs, content offers and social media. Prior to engagement with Bluleadz, Identropy was doing great by taking the initiative to post regularly; the content itself is what needed fine-tuning for the best SEO results. Bluleadz then began implementing SEO best practices and distributing content (blogs, social media posts, etc.) that addressed the pain points of Identropy’s buyer personas.



Major Climb in Visitors and Organic Leads

Three months after Bluleadz had begun conducting keyword research and developing optimized and informative content, blog views had jumped from 1,218 in May to 1,998 in August; that's a 60% increase in 3 months. As of March 2016, Identropy has generated over 21,000 organic search and social media visits since engagements with Bluleadz began, accounting for 56% of total site visits.


SEO best practices helped increase Identropy's blog visits by 69.95%

Challenge Faced #2:

Little User Engagement with Blog

Blog increases user engagementOn top of a low blog and site visitor count, Identropy also had blog subscription numbers that fell quite short of goals. Readers and organic visitors weren’t subscribing, which snuffed out many opportunities for repeat visits, form completions and conversions.



Use Content to Address Buyer Persona Pain Points

To expand Identropy’s very stagnant pool of blog subscribers, the Bluleadz team determined that the best way to generate new contacts and subscribers was by focusing future blog content around solutions; content that discusses and resolves buyer pain points, thus adding value to the blog as a whole.

To help Identropy become a true thought leader in their industry, Bluleadz had to hone in on who Identropy’s buyers really were, and what pain points or challenges they were facing that Identropy could resolve.

Bluleadz used this research to develop valuable, well-targeted and SEO-friendly blog content.



Over 60% Increase in Subscribers

Blog content with value - content that directly addresses or resolves a buyer pain point (or points) - helped Identropy increase subscribers by 62%, proving that quality content and careful research pay off when it comes to helping businesses grow.


Year-over-year, Identropy experienced a 62% increase in blog subscribers

Challenge Faced #3:

Low Social Media Reach and Little Presence

Identropy's social calendar and scheduled posting contributed to an increase in followersWhen Identropy first started engaging with Bluleadz, their social media presence was non-existent. They had pages and accounts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but weren't posting or leveraging social media in ways beneficial to their business. In other words, they weren't expanding their following or generating leads through social media.



Building a Refined Social Media Strategy

To help Identropy gain traction with social media and increase followers, Bluleadz created a thorough social media calendar, and began updating this calendar each month with new posts and content to keep with trending industry topics.

Bluleadz scheduled Identropy's social media posts frequently and consistently, tackling industry news when it arose and cross-posting with enterprise partners regularly. Bluleadz also began using HubSpot social monitoring tools to analyze what social media activity was most beneficial for Identropy, and augmenting future social media content based on this data.

Using Bluleadz's social media strategy, Identropy was able to post 3,410% more in six months than they had prior to engaging with Bluleadz. This explosive increase in activity ended up generating new interest in the company and drastically increased Identropy's social reach and follower rate.



Consistent and Impactful Growth in Followers

After just 6 months employing Bluleadz's social media calendar and strategy, Identropy experienced a 315% increase in follower growth compared to pre-engagement. As of March 2016, this growth has increased to 591.5%. Identropy's social media interactions ("likes," mentions, replies and retweets) also increased by 3,307% in the first six months of the company's engagement with Bluleadz.


Social media reach report

Overall Results 

Increase in blog visits
Increase in blog subscribers
Increase in social media growth after 6 months
Increase in social media interactions after 6 months