Client Background

Lowman Law Firm is a personal injury law firm in Brooksville, FL. Lowman Law helps automobile and motorcycle accident victims receive the compensation they deserve following an accident. Like many law firms, Lowman Law historically relied on costly traditional forms of advertising, such as billboards and yellow page ads. The firm knew that there were better ways to establish the business and turned to inbound marketing to do so. 

In 2010, Lowman Law came to Bluleadz for help executing an effective inbound marketing strategy and creating their online presence. The company didn't have a website and knew that they weren't capitalizing on the gold mine of leads available online. Bluleadz created their website from scratch, making sure it was optimized for user experience and that the content was able to get them found online. The two companies still work hand-in-hand to constantly improve Lowman Law's inbound strategy, and routinely fine-tune the firm's website to produce the best results possible.


Personal Injury Attorney Sees a 175% Spike in Visitors and 322% in Leads


Our aim was to modernize and enhance user experiences with the goal of increasing leads and, ultimately, bringing in new clients."

Challenge Faced #1:

No Online Presence 

Website traffic and lead generation was non-existent and Bluleadz knew that it could be successfully built from the ground up with the help of skillful web design and strategic inbound marketing. Lowman Law is in an 'emergency-basis' type industry so it's important to make a name for your business before an accident occurs. Bluleadz wanted to establish Lowman Law's brand online to ensure their potential customers knew them and trusted them before they had to make a decision. They looked to Bluleadz to grow their company via the Internet and get them to the results they were after. 



Optimize Content Using Keyword and Buyer Persona Research

When first signing on in February 2010, Bluleadz designed the website's content so it would be centered around the accident victims visiting Lowman Law's website. As a team of attorneys, it was important that they spoke the language of their target audience throughout their site, rather than their own lawyer talk.

Bluleadz conducted extensive keyword research into what their customers were searching for, and then focused the content around these words so Lowman Law would rank higher in search results. By doing this, Lowman Law would be sure to see a huge increase in organic traffic that would prove to be much less costly than the traditional marketing means they were using before.



Lowman Law is in Top 10 Results for 200+ Keywords 

After the Bluleadz team designed Lowman Law's website and created the right content, the firm began ranking in search results for over 200 important keywords for their business. Lowman Law was especially happy with this result, as it generated a huge spike in organic traffic that was coming to the site already highly-qualified. 

Experiences a 425% Traffic Spike in First Year

From January 2010 to December 2010, Lowman Law saw a huge influx of visitors: 425% more visitors after starting inbound marketing. The return-on-investment they were receiving from inbound marketing greatly outweighed what they saw with traditional marketing methods. In the five years the two companies have worked together, Lowman Law has seen an average increase of 175% in traffic every year. 

Spike in website traffic after first year of working together

Challenge Faced #2:

No Website Conversions 

One of the first tasks Bluleadz tackled for Lowman Law was creating a strategic blog editorial calendar. With a new website, Google would begin indexing their website more quickly and frequently with a blog present. Their website was stagnant; without a blog, new content wasn't being added to the website and Google was factoring that into their ranking. Also, potential clients that aren't sure if they need an attorney or not aren't having their questions answered. 



Create a Startegic Content Calendar

By conducting buyer persona research, Bluleadz was able to gain greater insight into the Lowman's typical client's pain points, hesitations for contacting a personal injury lawyer and other challenges. From there, Bluleadz created a blog editorial calendar with topics that provided solutions to these problems, and optimized each blog using best practices for SEO. Bluleadz knew that implementing a strategically-crafted blog editorial calendar would increase Lowman Law's organic traffic. Their blog also allowed them to learn more about their potential clients by finding out what topics were important to them and what questions they were having. 

Create Gated Content OffersLowman Law Firm Content Offer Designed by Bluleadz

The new content offers that Bluleadz created also helped website visitors figure out what they needed to do in case of an auto or motorcycle accident. In Lowman Law's industry, prospects are often looking for very specific and niche topics - such as "loss of control motorcycle accident" or "PIP benefits in Florida." By providing their website visitors with helpful information tailored to their exact search topics (like the content offer on the right, "What to do If You're the Victim of a Motorcycle Accident"), they were able to ensure that their visitors were able to help answer any questions Lowman Law's visitors were running into.

Utilize HubSpot Forms for Lead Generation

Bluleadz created forms on Lowman Law's website to make it easy for prospects to reach out to the team of lawyers.
The forms were short enough to encourage prospects to fill them out and get help. Each newly designed landing page was gated with a HubSpot form so gaining access to speak to a lawyer was simple and easy

Lowman Law's Newly Designed Landing Page          An example of a content offer and landing page designed by Bluleadz for Lowman Law          



Increased Contacts an Averagage of 322% Every Year for Five Years

The content and site page changes Bluleadz made generated fast results for the law firm. Their website's overall strategy empowered users to contact an attory because it was written around their concerns and needs, in their language.

Lowman Law is escatic with the amount of new clients coming through the door, just from learning more information about them on their website. Over the years, Lowman Law increased their leads by a whopping 322%. Lowman Law viewed this as a huge win and saw first-hand the power of inbound marketing combined with website optimization. 

Lowman Law sees huge increase in leads

Challenge Faced #3:

High Cost-Per-Lead

When Lowman Law first came to Bluleadz, they were practicing traditional marketing practices. They were utilizing paid advertising online, yellow pages and costly billboards. Although they did give the company exposure, were also very limited and costly. Lowman Law knew that inbound marketing could grant them better results at a fraction of the cost.



Nix Traditional Marketing Methods and Replace with Inbound Marketing

Bluleadz knew they could help Lowman Law generate leads at a much lower cost and reach a larger audience by completely immersing the company in strategic inbound marketing. By implementing a combination of inbound marketing and traditional marketing, like yellow pages and billboards, Lowman Law significantly reduced their cost-per-lead. Bluleadz was able to help them save money while also producing a greater return-on-investment. 



62% Decrease in Cost-Per-Lead

Six months after Bluleadz implemented their design and content changes, Lowman Law's cost-per-lead decreased by a massive 62%. What this meant was that Lowman Law was spending less money and generating even better results with the help of inbound marketing.   

Lowman Law's Cost-Per-Lead Decreases in 6 Months!

Challenge Faced #4:

After 5 Years, Web Design Needed a Revamp

Bluleadz knew that they had enough data to give the website a new look and improve the overall functionality of their website to create better conversion paths. They were very pleased with the amount of website traffic that inbound marketing made possible, but also wanted to take their online presence to the next level. Using data-driven assumptions about their website, Bluleadz's web designers were able to figure out what worked best for the website and replaced it with what wasn't.



User-Centric Web Design

Bluleadz redesigned Lowman Law's website in September 2015, modernizing its overall appearance and redoing the header and banner area. This change enhanced the user experience and caused visitors to stick to the website longer, increasing their likelihood of them reaching out to a lawyer for help. Rebuilding their website plus optimizing their content spurred a huge boost in traffic, conversion rates and keyword ranking.



Lowman Law's website redesign ensured that there was a next step for visitors to go to on each site page.
After seeing their website's trends and how users were interacting with it, Bluleadz was able to optimize the website around their buyer personas and create a better user experience . You can see the before and after shots of their website's redesign below!




Overall Results 

Average in traffic every year
Top 10 Google Rank for 200 + keywords
Decrease in cost-per-lead
Increase In Leads