Client Background

RASTRAC is a fleet management company in Austin, TX, and was founded in 1993 in Dallas. Their RASTRAC Automatic Vehicle Location software is trusted by thousands of users worldwide, and is used by governments and other industries as the most flexible tracking solution on the market. 

In 2015, RASTRAC came to Bluleadz to help execute an effective inbound marketing strategy and create their online presence. The company had a website but needed help increasing traffic and converting visitors to leads. 

RASTRAC and Bluleadz's collaborative relationship has allowed them to strategize inbound marketing plans and put them on the map as the top fleet management company. 


Fleet Management Company Sees a 375% Spike in Contacts

We wanted a way to increase our web traffic and drive up the number of qualified leads." 

Challenge Faced #1:

Brand Awareness 

Before working with Bluleadz, RASTRAC's website traffic and lead generation was non-existent. Since RASTRAC is in the fleet management industry, their products save a variety of industries both time and money. As a result, Bluleadz knew they could successfully build their presence and brand awareness from the ground up with skillful web design and strategic inbound marketing. 

Bluleadz wanted to emphasize and establish RASTRAC's brand online to ensure their potential customers knew them and trusted them before they made a decision. It’s clear RASTRAC was looking to capitalize on the vast amount of potential in their online presence by implementing a professional inbound marketing strategy. In order to reach and surpass these ambitions, Bluleadz established SMART goals from the get-go.



Optimize Content Using Keyword and Buyer Persona Research

When first signing on in November 2015, Bluleadz conducted extensive keyword research into what RASTRAC's customers were searching for, and then focused the content around these words so RASTRAC would start to rank higher in search results. By doing this, RASTRAC would surely see a huge increase in organic traffic that would prove to be much less costly than the traditional marketing means they were using before.

A big focus was centered around generating new site page content and content offers that both educates their buyer personas and creates a conversion path for them while differentiating RASTRAC in the fleet management industry. Via Google Analytics, over the last three months, http://www.rastrac.com was averaging 438 site visitors per month with a bounce rate of almost 90%. Given how critical these numbers are, brand awareness, optimized site page messaging and visitor engagement was our first priority focus when building their campaign.



Top 10 Results for 50+ Keywords 

After the Bluleadz conducted extensive keyword and persona research, it generated a huge spike in highly-qualified organic traffic that was coming to the site.

After doing a SEO audit, RASTRAC's visits incresed and they moved up in Goolge rankings.


Challenge Faced #2:

No Website Conversions 

One of the first tasks Bluleadz tackled was creating a strategic blog editorial calendar and new content offers to provide visitors with a better understanding of what they do. RASTRAC had current offers, but Bluleadz revamped them for a better user experience. 



Create a Strategic Content Calendar

After conducting buyer persona research, Bluleadz was able to gain Snowplow operations improve your fleet's efficiency. greater insight into RASTRAC's typical clients' pain points, target industries and other challenges. From there, Bluleadz created their editorial calendar with topics that provided solutions to these problems, and optimized each blog using SEO best practices.

Their blog increased their organic traffic and allowed them to learn more about their potential clients by finding out what topics were important to them and what questions they had.

Create Content Offers

Bluleadz and RASTRAC talked about what industry to target first. Since it was winter at the time, they decided to do a book on snowplow operations (municipalites). RASTRAC's prospects are often looking for very specific topics that will save time and money on fleet operations. 

By providing their website visitors with helpful information tailored to their exact search topics (like the content offer on the right, "Improving Efficiency of Snowplow Operations"), they were able to ensure that their visitors were able to help answer any questions they might have. 



They experienced a 375% Contact Spike in Few First Months and a 15% Increase in Visitors

RASTRAC's contacts have incresed over 300%.





Challenge Faced #3:

Social Media Presence 

When taking over RASTRAC's HubSpot account, one of the first tasks Bluleadz did was adjust social accounts so they were all consistent with one another. 



Consistent Posting on Social Channels 

Bluleadz moved swiftly to provide the following solutions--we:

  • Made Twitter and Facebook handle/name congruous so visitors would know it was the same company
  • Posted 3 times a day on Twitter and 1 time a day on LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Optimized the design of the social media channels to reflect the feel of the website
  • Interacted with industry leaders on Twitter and shared relevant content--not just RASTRAC's content and offers



RASTRAC's social reach increased 240%, produced 330% more tweets and posts; also increased 115% in total click interactions, and increased visits to their site by 60%. 

Rastrac's social reach increase.




Overall Results 

Increased contacts from referrals
Growth in blog views
Increase in contacts
Increase in Social Reach