Client Background

nexogy is a leader in the telecommunications industry and a pioneer of cloud-based business telephone solutions. They understood inbound marketing's powerful results and came to Bluleadz seeking both support with their existing inbound marketing campaigns and a partner to co-manage their HubSpot software. nexogy had already been following the inbound philosophy and knew hiring a team of experts would help fill the gap between what was possible and what they could handle on their own.  

nexogy turned to Bluleadz in early July 2015 to help manage their HubSpot campaign and achieve the following goals: increase traffic, generate inbound contacts, lower their cost-per-customer acquisition and provide ongoing support for their sales process.

First, Bluleadz tackled the lowest hanging fruit in order to generate the fast results nexogy was after. This included optimizing the blog, creating quality content offers and revamping their homepage--all within four months.

Here is what Bluleadz did to help nexogy generate more revenue through their website:

 nexogy wins with the help of inbound marketing!

nexogy Used Inbound Marketing to Increase Contacts by 638% in 4 Months With Help From Bluleadz Inbound Marketing Agency


Making informed changes throughout the site and overhauling the homepage has vastly improved the percentage of qualified leads.

Challenge Faced #1:

Blog Producing Less-Than-Desirable Results

nexogy already knew the importance of having a company blog. Before nexogy and Bluleadz joined forces, they were blogging twice a week, which is the recommended frequency in order to start building a foundation for incoming organic traffic. Although nexogy was seeing an average of 70-90 views per month on their blog articles, they knew it wasn’t performing at its optimum ability.



Removed Noindex/Nofollow Tag From Entire Blog

One major ranking opportunity for nexogy was being overlooked--their blog. Although they did have one, they weren’t taking advantage of its opportunities. The entire blog had a “noindex/nofollow” tag, which tells Google that they didn’t want their blog indexed. One of the major benefits of having a company blog is to provide content that can attract your target audience and potentially turn them into a customer.

Since nexogy’s blog wasn’t able to be found in search results, this severely limited their organic search traffic; obviously, this needed to be fixed.



Increased Blog Views by 245%

After our team removed the noindex/nofollow tag on their blog, Bluleadz continued blogging twice a week using a strategic editorial calendar. Previously, they were producing on-the-fly content and not utilizing any of their own insight in a keyword strategy.

Bluleadz made sure to include their own keyword research in nexogy’s editorial calendar to address pain points, frequently asked questions and information tailored for their target personas. You can see the success of our collaborative efforts below:


Challenge Faced #2:

Contact Generation was Limited

nexogy wasn’t promoting any gated content offers with their marketing content, so it was hard for them to identify what their prospects were interested in. All the information was there for their prospects, but without a landing page or form, their website wasn’t actually producing leads for their sales team.

Not only that, but not having any gated content on their website also left little room for intelligent lead nurturing campaigns. Bluleadz knew that not all of nexogy's website visitors were ready to make a buying decision-- visitors needed supplemental content to help them reach the decision stage.



3D_cover.png1. Gate All Content

By gating all content offers with a landing page and form, we identified a major opportunity to jump-start a lead generation system that marketing could pass along to their sales team.

2. Create New Gated Offers

Not only would premium content prove to be a lead generation machine in and of itself, but it was also vital to ensuring nexogy’s buyers were getting the right information at each stage of the buyer’s journey, from awareness to consideration, up until the decision stage.

Bluleadz created a guide, “The Benefits of Upgrading to FiOS,” to help visitors decide whether they wanted to make the switch to Verizon FiOS or not.

By conducting research on their ideal buyer personas, Bluleadz understood that this offer helped solve a pain point they were experiencing and that creating it would get them closer to becoming a customer.



Increased Contacts by 638%

nexogy is very happy with the new contact generation they’ve been receiving since Bluleadz started launching content offer campaigns. Between Q2 of 2015, before nexogy and Bluleadz began working together, and Q3, after they started working together, nexogy increased their contacts by a whopping 638% thanks to strategic content offers and engaging campaigns. Not only were a huge amount of new contacts coming through the website, but they were also more qualified and sales-ready due to lead nurturing campaigns and targeted content offers.


Challenge Faced #3:

Homepage Optimization for UX

nexogy came to Bluleadz with a very nice website built on HubSpot’s COS platform, but it needed a few updates from our development team. At first glance, there wasn’t much of a difference if you came to the homepage as a visitor or a current customer.

Bluleadz knew they could make a few strategic changes to help solve this problem.




Create the Homepage Around Visitor’s User Experience

Bluleadz knew visitors were dropping off the website too early in the buyer’s journey. The resolution to this problem? Bluleadz optimized the website around the user experience. Here are a few key improvements Bluleadz made to the nexogy homepage:

1. Bluleadz utilized smart content. Bluleadz implemented smart content (content that is customized to the visitor’s need) on nexogy's homepage, so it is able to resonate best with each prospect. Bluleadz segmented the smart content based on the visitor’s lifecycle stage--if they were a customer, they would see different content than if they were a prospect or new visitor. Smart content helps personalize a website to the individual user, which ensures that they’re getting the most relevant information.

2. The most noticeable modification Bluleadz made was the video background. Using video humanizes the nexogy brand and makes the company more relatable as an all-around solution to business' growing pains. Bluleadz also added video to their “Our Team” page to further humanize their brand, since it was one of the more popular pages to view.

3. Simplify how to request a quote. If a prospect is curious about your product, they’re going to want to know the price--plain and simple. It’s part of the Consideration Stage of the buyers journey. If they can’t find it, they’re likely to look elsewhere, or worse... move on to your competitors' sites to find what they are looking for.




Increased Traffic by 20%

After Bluleadz implemented the design changes, nexogy saw a steady increase in visitors. As you can see below, after revamping the content for keyword optimization, nexogy was starting to gain some serious traction. The User Experience, created with the buyer persona in mind, allowed visitors to naturally flow through the sales cycle and more smoothly transition from a curious visitor to an engaged prospect.

More website visitors were finding nexogy organically and sticking on the website longer, which eventually helped increase web visitors and bring in better qualified leads for their sales team.


Challenge Faced #4:

No Workflows, No Lead Nurturing

nexogy was engaging in little to no email nurturing campaigns. Lead nurturing campaigns are an integral part of any inbound marketing strategy; not every prospect is ready to buy right away, so it’s important to nurture them throughout the buyer’s journey until they’re ready. Bluleadz stressed the importance of utilizing these email campaigns to stay in touch with warm leads and deliver them the additional information they need to make a purchasing decision--all without spending more of their marketing budget.



4. Create Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Since not every prospect is ready to buy, it’s important to “nurture” them until they’re ready. Bluleadz wanted to take advantage of this fact and create email campaigns that targeted each buyer persona based on their lifecycle stages.



Increased Visits from Email by 190%

nexogy generated a whopping 190% increase in visits from their email marketing efforts while working with Bluleadz. As you can see below, email marketing was a huge opportunity that, before working with Bluleadz, nexogy wasn’t capitalizing on.

Overall Results


Increased traffic by 20%
Increased contacts by 638%
Increased blog views by 245%
Increased visits from email by 190%