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6 Sales Engagement Tools in HubSpot Enterprise That Help Grow Your Business

Closing customers requires consistent engagement from your sales team. 

It's a simple fact of life in the world of sales. If you're not in front of your leads and actively interacting with them in some way, you're off their radar, forgotten forever.

And speed is a huge factor too. Companies that connect with leads within an hour of conversion are seven times more likely to get in touch with decision makers and have meaningful conversations. 

Unfortunately, inefficiencies in sales teams can delay their outreach, derailing sales representatives from actually engaging with people. In fact, just one third of the average salesperson's day is spent actually speaking to prospects on the phone. 

The good news is that if you equip your team with the right tools, you can free up their time to actually engage with prospects and speed up the time to connect with newly converted qualified leads. 

This is where the HubSpot Sales Hub stands tall as a vital resource for sales teams. 

What Is HubSpot Sales Hub?

Sales software solutions are a dime a dozen. The growth in business software is staggering, so there are tons of different solutions to choose from. Often, many companies stitch together a bunch of separate solutions.

What's more, sales development reps use an average of six tools in their day to day, the most popular ones being:

You can bring all your sales tools together under one platform when you use the HubSpot Sales Hub. 

HubSpot Sales Hub Tools for the Entire Sales Process

Sales Hub tools help sales teams thrive at every step throughout the sales process

  • Start connecting with leads with popular tools like:
    • Email templates
    • Email tracking
    • Call tracking
    • Call recording
  • Continue nurturing positive relationships and building trust with:
    • Sales automation features
    • Live chat 
    • Meeting scheduling 
  •  Manage a healthy, organized sales pipeline by using:
    • Sales management playbooks
    • Quote creation tool
    • End-to-end sales reporting
  • Stay connected with your internal team and your leads with these tools:

No matter what area your team needs to focus on, HubSpot has you covered. The robustness and versatility of their platform is what earned their high ranking within the increasingly competitive world of sales software. 

HubSpot Sales Hub Reviews

The Sales Hub eliminates friction within your teams by equipping your reps with all kinds of awesome tools. With an average score of 4.3 out of five stars on G2, Sales Hub stands tall among other leading sales software solutions

One business development rep celebrated how it helped him stay organized and focused on what matters most to his company. 

"HubSpot helps me to organize my mind and communicate more accurately," he wrote. "It is also a great weapon to sow the work that you have done in order to catch your goals. Furthermore, it's easier to track the record of the activity history that helps your colleagues to communicate and build trust with the customers.

"Finally, it helps you to turn uncountable variables into numbers. The coaching support from HubSpot has been outstanding. I became better at my work and I can express my thoughts easily."

Thanks to the HubSpot CRM, Sales Hub is fast becoming an industry favorite, offering more features and tools for less money as compared to other leading solutions, like Salesforce. Simply put, HubSpot Sales Hub users get more bang for their buck. 

HubSpot Sales Hub Pricing

Here is a breakdown of each HubSpot Sales Hub tier, along with pricing and notable features. 

HubSpot Sales Hub Free

The free tier is a great introduction to the platform, making it a perfect option for startups, small businesses, and solopreneurs. 


The first tier of HubSpot Sales Hub is completely free. 

Notable Features

The free tier comes with the following tools: 

  • Deal pipeline
  • Live chat
  • Reporting dashboard
  • Meeting scheduling
  • Quotes
  • Contact management 

HubSpot Sales Hub Starter

The starter tier is ideal for small and medium sized businesses that need more in-depth reporting for their team, focus on goal tracking, and target international audiences. 


The second tier starts at $45 per month. 

Notable Features

Starter users gain access to all the free tools, along with:

  • Goals management
  • Team productivity performance reporting
  • Conversation routing
  • Simple automation features
  • Multiple currencies

HubSpot Sales Hub Professional 

Professional tier features align with the needs of growing medium sized businesses that need more automation and consist of multiple teams. 


This tier starts at $450 each month.

Notable Features

Professional tier users get every feature in starter with less limitations and access to these additional tools:

  • Custom reporting options
  • Sales sequences
  • Team management
  • Automation for
    • Deal stages
    • Task creation
    • Lead rotation
  • Phone support with HubSpot

HubSpot Sales Hub Enterprise 

The enterprise tier is ideal for large enterprise organizations that are looking to grow. More specifically, these features help with unique, complex sales processes that require more than basic functionality.


The enterprise tier starts at $1,200 per month. 

Notable Features

Enterprise users gain access to all professional tools and these other amazing features:

These tools are vital to large businesses that strive for continuous growth. This tier also provides a slew of incredible features that help sales teams streamline their operations and continually engage their prospects in an efficient way. 

The Best Sales Engagement Tools for Enterprise Users

Let's explore all the incredible sales engagement tools that are available for HubSpot Sales Hub Enterprise users. 


The sales templates tool provides your team with access to a library of built-in templates that help your reps engage with leads at each stage of the customer journey. You can tailor these as needed to fit your style. 

You can also create your own templates and use them directly inside your inbox. This reduces all the time spent writing and sending repetitive sales emails. 

The real time reporting provides you up-to-date metrics on which templates perform the best, which sheds light on how effective your subject lines are, how your copy is written, and much more. Use these analytics to optimize your templates and share the winners with the entire team. 

Sales Sequences

With the sequences tool, your team can automate a series of lead nurturing emails. Simply enroll contacts into a sequence that is highly personalized and specific to that person's pains. 

Within the tool, you can schedule each email you're sending, set delays in between sends, enable notifications to your reps when the lead is actively engaging with your emails, and automate task creation.

For example, if a lead opens an email and clicks through to a landing page with a product demo video, that implies that the lead is interested in learning more as they advance into the consideration stage. Simply set up a real-time notification to alert the rep about the activity, then set up automation to assign the rep a task to give that lead a follow-up call. 

Again, timing and speed plays a huge role in sales. If you can keep your reps in the loop in real time, they can actively engage and move leads through the buyer's journey fast. 

Email Scheduling

Timing is another critical piece of effective sales engagement. This is where email scheduling software is a big help. 

Using HubSpot, you can using the scheduling tool directly through your Gmail account, setting a delay in sending or specifying an exact date and time to deliver your message. This is especially beneficial if you're targeted prospects in different time zones. 

Plus, if you forgot to add some content or include links in your emails you already wrote, you will have the time to make any last minute updates before the selected time of delivery. 


No more wasted time typing the same content over and over again or duplicating the same text throughout areas in your communication channels. 

The term snippet refers to short blocks of text that you can reuse with just a few clicks. Simply enter the snippet tool in your Sales Hub, write the content of the text you want to easily replicate, then save it under a specific name. 

You can use this in all kinds of ways within Sales Hub, including the following:

  • Contact records
  • Company records
  • Deals
  • Chat conversations
  • Activity or note logging
  • Email templates

Once you name it, you can simply type a hashtag followed by the snippet shortcut. The text block will automatically populate in whatever tool you're adding the text to. 


The way you manage documents throughout your sales team can save you tons of time and administrative headaches.

Within the documents tool, you're able to develop a comprehensive library of sales content for your entire team. This way, everyone knows where to look for specific sales collateral. 

You can also see exactly when and how your prospects engage with the sales documents you send them. This can trigger a notification so reps can follow up instantly when they open vital documents. 

Additionally, you get to see aggregated data related to the performance of your sales content. The more you know about what documents are effective and how they nurture your prospects, the more you can optimize your content and identify better ways to influence closed deals. 


Sales playbooks can be used as outlines detailing your various internal processes. This educates reps on specific steps to take for different selling situations. 

There are plenty of ways you can leverage playbooks within your HubSpot account. For example, you can develop playbooks to incorporate in your onboarding process, standardize a process for conducting demonstrations, or lay out all the most impactful closing techniques your reps use to hit their quotas. 

With the right sales engagement tools in your hands, the sky's the limit. Start leveraging your HubSpot platform now to accelerate your sales cycle and close new customers fast.  

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